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Excursions in Kemer in September

Excursions in Kemer in September
23 Jun 2021

Kemer is located between mountain peaks covered with coniferous forests and sea. The mountains approach the shoreline, create an amazing landscape and clean air filled with pine aroma. The tour in Kemer is as comfortable as possible for guests from CIS countries, as the hotel staff easily speaks english language, and you can also find hotels of different price ranges, from budget 3 to 5 degrees of high level of service.

The tourist season in Kemer starts in May and ends in October. This is the hottest period, the sun leaves tourists a tan as a keepsake, and the warm sea invites to swim on the waves. Excursions in Kemer in September, especially at the end of the month, are comfortable. Gradually retreats the sweltering heat and long walks become easier, but still the weather conditions suggest that tourists must have hats and sunscreen. September in this region is still hot, the temperature reaches 30 degrees Celsius during the day, at night 25 degrees Celsius, pleased with the sea temperature with a rate of 24 degrees Celsius.

Tours in Kemer in September: features

Not far from the city there are several trout farms where tourists can fish, walk under the crowns of trees and dine with fresh fish. For extreme lovers, we offer a ride on a jeep safari and rafting on a mountain river. These excursions open stunning scenery, the adrenaline is high and this day remains in the memory of holidaymakers for a long time.

Diving in Kemer deserves special attention. Not far from Tekirova, there is a bay "Three Islands", it is here that divers and tourists gather to plunge into the sea world, visit underwater caves and get acquainted with octopuses, squid and various bright fish. For beginner divers, we recommend visiting the Aquarium Bay, which is located near the village of Kirish. This bay is protected from strong currents and winds, the water here is calm and clear, and at a depth of 5 meters novice divers will be able to see the beauty of the underwater kingdom.

Ethnic park "Yoruk" is definitely worth visiting tourists who want to know the Turkish people. In this park collected various household items, dwellings, workshops, nomadic Turkish people. You can also taste the traditional food of the nomads.

Mount Tahtali - in the south of Turkey it is the highest mountain, it can be climbed by cable car, which is the longest in Europe and is 4350 m. Exciting emotions are experienced by every tourist on top of such a mountain.

Another famous mountain in Turkey is Janartash. It is considered a mystical place, as it attracts tourists with ignitions. There is a legend about the fire-breathing dragon, but everything can be explained scientifically, gas comes out of the ground, and when in contact with oxygen ignites, which attracts holidaymakers.

Heinyuk Canyon is an amazing natural attraction. Rocks wrapped in pine forests, numerous waterfalls and untouched nature. Amazing view, especially in the sun, the color of the water makes tourists freeze with delight.

Travel and get emotional. All excursions in Kemer in September can be booked on our website. The consultant will provide full information and will select a tour for each tourist.

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