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Entertainment tours in Kemer

Things to do in Kemer for young adults

Entertainment tours in Kemer

Entertainment tours in Kemer - What to do in Turkey? Enjoy the gentle sea and sun, stock up on vitamins and positive emotions for the whole year with entertaining excursions in Kemer. Entertainment in Kemer really a lot, everyone will find to their liking. Take a tour of the surrounding area of Kemer in jeeps, quad bikes, buggies or on horseback. You will get acquainted with the local flavor, admire the beautiful views, learn new skills, and just have fun.

Improve your health in a Turkish bath or on thermal springs. The undeniable benefits of thermal springs on the human body were proven in ancient centuries. By its nature, the geothermal source is underground water, which has come to the surface, having a temperature above 20 C and saturated with natural minerals. Bathing in a thermal spring helps to cope with diseases of the nervous system, gastrointestinal tract and skin diseases. Visit Pamukkale, Karahait or Lake Salda and to the health benefits you will also enjoy the enchanting species.

Turkish bath - hammam will be a great way to relax and cleanse your skin. Low air temperature, at 100% humidity, a pleasant relaxing foam massage, and at the end of a fragrant, herbal tea. Isn't it a vacation?

Entertainment tours in Kemer - Extreme vacation occupies a separate niche in the list of entertainment Kemer. From the water amusement park "The Land of Legends", which is considered to be Turkish Disneyland and ending with a descent from a height of 2300 meters from the top of Mount Tahtali on a paraglider. And somewhere between them you can try yourself in diving and get acquainted with the underwater world of Turkey.

Or maybe you will be attracted by rafting - rafting on mountain rivers on special inflatable vessels (rafts) surrounded by a cheerful active team of tourists from all over the coast. Most tourists are rafting on the Dalaman and Kyupruchai rivers, and as a recreation you can swim in a mountain river or fish. An interesting hike in the canyon Goynuk. Not as extreme as it is insanely beautiful.

In any case, turkey still has a lot of entertaining tours and some of them are sure to make you leave your comfortable place on the beach and go on adventures.