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Horseback riding in Kemer

Horseback riding in Kemer is not just outdoor recreation among green trees. This is a mass of new impressions, emotions, good mood. Take a photo or video camera with you, thanks to which you can capture the most significant moments.

Horseback riding in Kemer price list

Age Range tour Price
 1 Passenger 9
 1 Adult 26
 1 Infants (0-8) 0

Handsome horses,Breathe the fresh,Professional rider,English guide,Price 2021

Horseback riding in Kemer What you have to know

Tour days Every day
Tour hours 09:00 - 14:00
Includes transfer, insurance, instruction, protective equipment
Excludes personal expenses
Recommended sporty clothes

Horseback riding in Kemer Tour schedule

  • Transfer from the hotel

  • Arrival on site

  • Training

  • Start horse riding excursions

  • Stop

  • Continuation of the tour

  • Return to the hotel

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Route scheme and description


Horseback riding in Kemer will be an excellent event that allows you to combine business with pleasure. This is an opportunity to talk with handsome horses, get riding skills, and make a small independent trip around the ranch, along a picturesque forest route. Activities in Kemer Turkey are welcomed by many tourists. There is nothing more beautiful than visiting the amazing corners of this country. Admire its nature, breathe the fresh, rich aromas of air.

You can examine the new experience with our company because we are ready for different tours for all tasted. we offer you Dinopark From Kemer.

To go to a personal meeting with one of the most intelligent animals in the world - a horse, you do not need to be a professional rider or have experience in riding at the amateur level. Everything will help you learn. To do this, near you will be a professional instructor. They will help you find a common language with the animal, will teach the basics of riding. Making sure that you have learned all the rules, they will take you along an amazing route that will leave an unforgettable mark on you. All horses are distinguished by kindness, education, and calmness. You can be sure of the safety of this trip that all tourists must be given protective equipment, in particular helmets. The cost of the walk is quite adequate. Prices for additional services you can find out directly during the tour Horseback riding in Kemer.

The distance from Kemer to the ranch is relatively small. But you will not even notice it since you will be delivered to your destination on a comfortable bus.

The program on Horseback riding in Kemer includes:

  • transfer from the hotel to the ranch with horses;
  • the division of tourists into groups, based on what level of training, ability to ride;
  • the briefing, if necessary training;
  • walk along a predetermined route;
  • return to the hotel.

You can book a tour at a convenient time, as it takes place daily.

This season, riding horses in the fresh air is the best choice for your safety and comfort. During the tour, all precautions from Covid-19 disease are observed.

Here are some interesting facts about Horseback riding in Kemer:

  • These intelligent animals can determine the timbre of the human voice by its emotions and mood.
  • They have a unique memory, they for life remember their friends among people and just as those who hurt them. The average life expectancy of an animal is 30 years.

Horseback riding in Kemer Frequently Asked Questions

  • The horseback riding route in Kemer passes through the most picturesque surroundings of Kemer. The path starts right from the horse ranch, and then the travelers will see the wonderful expanses of wooded and mountainous terrain with numerous streams and mountain ranges. On the way of the route, there will be an opportunity to make many stops at the mountain lakes, where you can plunge and escape from the summer heat.
  • The horse ranch, from where horseback riding in Kemer will begin, is located in the forest just half an hour's drive from the hotel; this distance is very quickly covered by a comfortable bus or even on foot. It is impossible to get lost in this area, as there are many pointers that will tell you the right way.
  • It is important to know that pregnant women and children under the age of 10 should not attend horse riding in Kemer or do so with great care. It is also worth being careful for people with respiratory diseases and neurological diseases.
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