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Antalya city tour from Kemer

Antalya from Kemer is a fascinating all-day trip to the most interesting sights of the largest city on the southern coast of Turkey. The distance from Kemer is only 45 km, in time the road will take no more than an hour.

Antalya city tour from Kemer price list

Age Range tour Price
 1 Adult 20
 1 Children (7-12) 10
 1 Infants (0-6) 0

scity tour of Antalya,Sightseeing tour of Antalya

Antalya city tour from Kemer What you have to know

Tour days Russian guide - Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday. English Guide - Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday, Saturday
Tour hours 08:00 - 18:00
Includes Transfer, English speaking guide-historian, Funicular ticket, Dinner, Insurance
Excludes Boat trip (5 €)
Recommended Swimwear, towel

Antalya city tour from Kemer Tour schedule

  • Meeting with tourists at the entrance to the hotel, departure

  • Arrival in Antalya

  • Ascent by funicular to the top of Mount Tunektepe (10 minutes)

  • Free time at the observation deck at the top of 618 meters.

  • Descent from the top of the mountain by funicular.

  • Visit to the old town of Kaleici

  • Hadrian's Gate is a visiting card of the city and the main architectural monument of antiquity.

  • Republican Square: Clock Tower, Yivli Minaret Mosque, Hidirlik Tower

  • Port

  • Boat trip, during which we visit the Lower Duden waterfall

  • Dinner

  • Free time

  • The way back to Kemer

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Route scheme and description


Antalya from Kemer is a great tour. Since the 90s. XX century Antalya becomes known to the world as a resort. She confidently holds the lead even today, in 2021. Tourists are attracted by the mild subtropical climate, clean sandy and pebble beaches with convenient entry into the sea, hotels for every taste and color near the coastline.

Was the pearl of the Mediterranean always like this? Popular - yes, because in different periods such great empires came to power as: Roman, Byzantine, Ottoman and each left its own "greetings from the past", which travelers will definitely get acquainted with during a sightseeing tour of Antalya.

This area is shrouded in legends and beautiful stories that hide the truth about the brutal and bloody wars for strategically important and fertile lands. The first settlements appeared here in the Paleolithic era; 159 BC can be called a significant date. e. when on the rocky coast, by order of the Pergamon king Attalus II, a fortress was built, which became the beginning of the city of Attalia.

Antalya from Kemer: what to see.

The fortress walls reliably guarded the old city of Kaleici in turbulent times and it is perhaps due to this that, almost in their original form, buildings made in different styles, ancient mosques and minarets have survived to this day. Narrow brick-paved streets, winding paths leading guests to the port of Mermerli, who, along the way, look into souvenir shops and cozy cafes.

You can get to such an atmospheric area by going through the Hadrian's Gate, which has been standing here since the 2nd century AD. and erected in honor of the Roman emperor. The architectural monument of antiquity today looks like a triple arch with two towers on the sides: the southern one was built by the Romans and named after St. Julia, the northern one was installed by the Seljuk Turks in the 13th century.

The peak of Mount Tunektepe in Antalya from Kemer is located at an altitude of 618 meters and it is an excellent observation deck from which you can enjoy a beautiful panoramic view during a sightseeing tour of Antalya. The ascent to the top is carried out by cable car, 1706 meters long on a modern funicular, opened in 2017. Just 10 minutes and the whole Turkish Riviera at a glance.

Another natural heritage of the country that deserves attention is the Duden waterfalls. Although the two brothers are far from each other, they have a lot in common. A cascade miracle, the noise of which can be heard a few kilometers from it, is formed by the river of the same name, which originates at the foot of Mount Taurus and flows into the Mediterranean Sea in Antalya from Kemer.

The 27-meter-high Upper Duden falls into the lake, its peculiarity is a cave, hidden from prying eyes by jets of water, but allowing you to find yourself inside the waterfall. Private trips in Kemer Antalya can help get to know this city better.

The most picturesque Lower Duden, or Karpuzkaldyran has a height of 50 meters and reveals all its beauty and power from the sea, tourists have an excellent opportunity to observe this splendor during a sea voyage on a yacht.

Antalya city tour from Kemer Frequently Asked Questions

  • Right at the entrance to the city during the Sightseeing tour of Antalya from Kemer, our travelers will see the magnificent triumphal arch, right from here begins the ancient old city with authentic narrow streets paved with cobblestones. The historical center of Antalya is quite small, but there is everything for a comfortable stay: numerous cafes with national Turkish cuisine and small museums. Further along the route, our clients will visit the ancient port, and then go to the Duden waterfall. The highlight of the sightseeing tour will be the ascent by cable car directly to the Tunektepe mountain.
  • It is best to go on a sightseeing tour of Antalya from Kemer from late May to early September, because the temperature during these months will be the most comfortable for such wanderings.
  • Traveling from Kemer to the starting point of a sightseeing tour of Antalya will not take much time, because the distance between the two cities is only 45 km. The journey will take no more than 45 minutes by bus.
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