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Kemer Attractions - Kemer Travel Guide

Kemer Attractions - Every year, thousands of tourists arrive in Kemer who want to bask in the hot Turkish sun, plunge into the gentle waves of the Mediterranean Sea and breathe deeply in the mountain air, with a subtle hint of pine needles and oranges.

Excursions in Kemer will help you to diversify your beach vacation. The resort is literally immersed in an abundance of picturesque places. Go to the right - you will find yourself in a lost world with huge toothy dinosaurs; straight ahead - Tahtali mountain beckons with its height fans of extreme sports; to the left - the 14 km long Goynuk canyon, with waterfalls, caves and the spirit of adventure.

This region is famous not only for the beauties of the surrounding nature and monuments of architecture. The ruins of ancient cities introduce us to the rich historical past. For example, Olympos is not just adjacent to the Chimera - Yanartash hill, because the mountain spewing fire served in those ancient times as a natural beacon for travelers. And the paradise bays of Phaselis managed to fall in love with Alexander the Great at first sight, in fact, the name of this great commander will more than once be heard by fans of antiquities.

After intense walks, why not walk through the city itself calmly, without haste. Along its busy street leading to Republican Square, along the shady alleys of the park, dine in an atmospheric restaurant, where you will certainly try national cuisine, enjoy real strong tea or coffee and, of course, pamper yourself with Turkish sweets that literally melt in your mouth.

Where is the best place to buy fresh vegetables and fruits? On what days does the open local bazaar arrive? What to bring as a gift: a handmade product, spices, or maybe sesame halva or Turkish delight? Scrolling through the virtual pages of our magazine, you will receive answers to these questions, learn more detailed information about excursions from Kemer, as well as the most relevant news and events that took place in the villages and nearby cities.