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Limra Demre Kekova from Kemer

Limra Demre Kekova from Kemer

Limra Demre Kekova from Kemer is a trip through the ancient city of the world will reveal to you the secrets of the life of one of the most famous Orthodox saints - Nicholas the Wonderworker. Here is the Basilica of St. Nicholas, with wall murals and Byzantine mosaics. You will make a pilgrimage to the main shrine.

Limra Demre Kekova from Kemer price list

Age Range tour Price
 1 Adult 35
 1 Children (4-8) 20
 1 Infants (0-3) 0

The sunken city,Roman amphitheater,The beautiful Zimuri,Exciting boat trip

Limra Demre Kekova from Kemer What you have to know

Tour days Tuesday, Thursday, Sunday
Tour hours 08:00 - 18:00
Includes Transfer, insurance, lunch, English-speaking guide, Kekova boat trip
Excludes Drinks, a ticket to the church St. Nicholas and Myra, tickets to Limra
Recommended Swimwear, towels

Limra Demre Kekova from Kemer Tour schedule

  • Free transfer from your hotel

  • Tour of the ancient area of Limyra with a historian guide

  • Excursion to the city of Demre where St. Nicholas was born and lived

  • Lunch at the restaurant

  • Boat trip to the sunken city of Kekova

  • Stops for swimming

  • The return trip to Kemer

  • Hotel transfer

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Limra Demre Kekova from Kemer specification


Limra Demre Kekova from Kemer is perfect for guests who prefer not only a beach holiday, but want to immerse themselves in an atmosphere of antiquity and antiquity, touching the origins of Turkey. You will visit Limeer, the capital of the ancient state of the World, the city of the World where Saint Nicholas the Wander lived and preached, and also make an exciting boat trip to the sunken city of Kekova, the ruins of which rise above the waters of the Mediterranean Sea.

If you are interested to see historical places our company recommends you, Pamukkale tour from Kemer one day.

The excursion Limra Demre Kekova from Kemer program includes:

Limra Demre Kekova from Kemer- Trip around the City of Peace (St.Nicholas’s Church, his first house, the sarcophagus where he was buried) a trip around the ancient Limra (rock tombs, Roman amphitheater, necropolis, ruins of ancient buildings) tour to the sunken island of Kekova on a yacht with a glass-bottom (ruins of buildings, sidewalks, sarcophagi and other artifacts buried underwater)

Limra Demre Kekova from Kemer - Limira, or the beautiful Zimuri (the first name of the city) is an ancient “pearl” among the sights of the country. The settlement is located near the town of Finike and is surrounded by thickets of orange orchards. Among the plantations of citrus trees, along the roads stretched ancient tombs, decorated with the skillful hands of the masters of that era and perfectly preserved to this day. Here you will see the burial of the ancient commander Pericles, and the ancient necropolis, and the huge Roman amphitheater, which was damaged during one of the devastating earthquakes. The distance from Kemer to Limira is about 70 km, so the path does not take much strength and energy from you.

Limra Demre Kekova from Kemer - Kekova Desert Island (Dolkhiste) is an island of four cities that were destroyed by a devastating earthquake. In the 2nd century AD, most of the buildings were buried under the water, only the largest buildings, stairs, columns and even sarcophagi were visible, where the noblest and wealthy city dwellers were buried. All this you can see with your own eyes, through the glass windows of the boat. Best Trips from Kemer always with My Kemer Tours

Interesting fact: the Lyki people believed that the souls of people freed from the body, gained wings and flew to heaven. That is why the Lycian tombs are located on a cliff, in the rocks. And depending on the status and wealth, chose the height of the burial. Those who were richer could look at the place and height of the burial in advance.

Limra - Demre - Kekova from Goynuk

Limra - Demre - Kekova from Goynuk - is a real opportunity to look into the past and learn a lot of new, useful information. The history of the ancient city of Liquia is just a godsend for curious tourists.

An introductory tour of Limra - Demre - Kekova from Beldibi

An introductory tour of Limra - Demre - Kekova from Beldibi - history is the greatest wealth that humanity has, especially when you can not only read in the book, but also see, touch, walk through the ruins. The necropolis, the theater, the columns, the walls of the fortress, which came to us from ancient times, perhaps with a message, to preserve what we have and not to allow that our world also become ruins.

A historic tour Limra, the city of Demre and a sunken island from Camyuva

A historic tour of Limra, the city of Demre and a sunken island from Camyuva - connect the journey to one of the oldest and holiest places in Turkey with a sea walk. As well as you can plunge into the turquoise sea water near the sunken city of Kekova.

The trip to the ancient cities of Limra Demre and Kekova Island from Kiris

The trip to the ancient cities of Limra Demre and Kekova Island from Kiris is a great opportunity to touch the history of Turkey's origin, to see the remains of monuments and architectural landmarks. To see the development of the country in different eras, to visit temples and shrines - a memorable journey back in time.

Excursion Demre-Limra-Kekova from Tekirova

Excursion Demre-Limra-Kekova from Tekirova - this tour will be useful to all without exception. You will visit not only in places that keep history, but also be able to touch the sarcophagus of one of the main miracle workers - St. Nicholas the Man.

Limra Demre Kekova from Kemer Frequently Asked Questions

  • This excursion Limira-Demre-Kekova from Kemer is distinguished by the presence of a sightseeing tour of the ancient city of Limira, where the most ancient ruins of the ancient Lycian state have been preserved to this day.
  • This Limira-Demre-Kekova tour from Kemer receives positive feedback from those who like to plunge into the ancient history of Turkey, however, children do not always react positively to such a journey full of serious information, and this should be taken into account when planning your route.
  • The distance to the destination, from where the fascinating historical excursion Limira-Demre-Kekova from Kemer starts, is very small and is about 100 kilometers, which can be easily overcome by a comfortable air-conditioned bus in just an hour and a half.
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