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Kemer hamam

Kemer hamam

Kemer hamam uses only natural products - olive soap, essential aromatic oils of natural origin. To buy this excursion, contact the managers of our company in any convenient way.

Kemer hamam price list

Age Range tour Price
 1 Adult 15
 1 Children (7-12) 7
 1 Infants (0-6) 0

Steam room,Warm room,Soap suds,an aroma massage,Free transfer,Relaxing,Kemer hamam

Kemer hamam What you have to know

Tour days Every day
Tour hours 10:00 — 19:00
Includes transfer, insurance, towels, hot drinks (tea, coffee), procedures in program
Excludes additional services
Recommended swimwear

Kemer hamam Tour schedule

  • transfer from hotels

  • arrival at the Turkish bath, time to change clothes

  • heating of the body in a sauna with a comfortable air temperature

  • breathable menthol room (optional)

  • gentle body peeling using the kese glove which made of natural fibers

  • body foam massage with natural soap

  • relaxing body massage with organic essential oils

  • rejuvenating face mask with natural healing clay

  • time to relax with drinks

  • return to hotels in the region

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Kemer hamam specification


Kemer hamam (Turkish bath) - is more than 3 hours of real bliss and complete relaxation of body and soul. A tourist who has not visited this excursion will not be able to fully experience the whole essence of the traditions of this particular country.

The season will be different from the previous, and all because the suddenly appeared virus Covid-19 caught the world by surprise. Changes have been made in everything and in particular in the organization and conduct of trips on the tour.

Hammam, as a special set of procedures, is rooted in the era of the Turkish Sultans. We invite you to visit a real Turkish bath in Kemer, the reviews of which are only the most positive since the staff strictly follow all the nuances of this ritual.

We introduce you to the sea fishing in the Kemer tour. Our website provides a complete explanation of sightseeing and prices.

The excursion program of the Kemer hamam will begin with a stay in a warm sauna, which will help warm up the body to a comfortable temperature and prepare the skin for the rest of the procedures. After relaxing in the steam room you will be invited to the menthol steam room, and after it - directly to the Turkish hammam. This room is a spacious warm room with a huge stone of marble, which is always heated to the correct temperature. Here you will find peeling using a special glove made from silk or lamb wool. Its special surface makes it easy and safe to get rid of the stratum of skin, giving it unearthly smoothness. After cleansing the body, experienced bathhouse attendants (male or female) will cover you with a huge cloud of soap suds, after which guests will receive a relaxing massage. After a pause and a tea break, you will be invited to an aroma massage session lasting 20 minutes. After a full range of procedures, you will feel an incredible surge of vitality and vitality, which is the essence of the Turkish hammam.

The cost of the tour Hamam in Kemer includes:

Free transfer from the hotel and back, use of the sauna (unlimited time), visit of the menthol steam room (unlimited time), relaxing in the jacuzzi or swimming pool (unlimited time), peeling with a special mitt “Kese”, foam massage, massage using aroma oils, Turkish tea.

Additional charges: Hamam in Kemer services that are not included in the tour program.

A visit to the bath in Kemer is not just a body wash process. It is of great importance in Turkish culture and represents a whole philosophy of purification from within, which the locals also call “return to oneself”.

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Few people know that chromotherapy is used in the bath. This treatment is by changing the color spectrum, which have a certain effect on the body. Each color has its own meaning. For example, one helps to balance the mental and emotional state of the body as a whole, the other - improves circulation and so on.

Goynuk Hamam (Turkish Bath)

Goynuk Hamam (Turkish Bath) is one of the most important rituals of the East, consisting of 5 procedures performed in the correct order. Better medicines for recovery and relaxation have not yet come up.

Beldibi Hamam

Beldibi Hamam - Turkish bath give at least one day of your rest for spa treatments and your body and soul will say thank you. For more than two hours you will be steamed, saturated with essential oils and massage foam - full relaxation!

Camyuva Hamam

Camyuva Hamam - it's time to treat your body, to plunge into the world of harmony. A calm and relaxing atmosphere will fill you with new energy.

Kirish Hamam

Hamam from Kiriş - only having experienced it you will understand why hammam is so popular with locals and tourists. For more than two hours your body and skin will cleanse, moisturize and massage - a paradise delight.

Hamam in Tekirova

Hamam in Tekirova this is a real godsend for those who are so tired mentally and physically from everyday affairs and problems. If your body needs rest, then you certainly need Hamam.

Kemer hamam Frequently Asked Questions

  • For this country, baths are not only a way of washing and cleansing the body, but also an ancient tradition, during which there is complete relaxation and gaining tranquility, the process of which the Turks call “returning to oneself.” Hamam in Kemer is not uncommon, and many of they have historical names borrowed from Turkish culture and language.
  • Kemer hamam, and throughout Turkey, is a special type of primordially Turkish fonts, in which all the inhabitants of the country have bathed since the seventh century. According to legends, hamam perfectly heals the soul and body, helps in the fight against stress and nervous tension and perfectly restores. regulates the cycle of sleep and wakefulness.
  • The cost of visiting a hamam in Kemer for an adult is extremely democratic - only $ 15, for children under 12 years old there are favorable discounts - $ 8. It is better not to visit the bathhouse for babies under 7 years old. The cost of a Turkish bath in Kemer may vary depending on the season and the location of the hamam.
  • Unfortunately, it is better for pregnant women to refrain from visiting the hammam in Kemer, as the heavy humid air can harm the cardiovascular system of the expectant mother. It is possible to sow a Turkish bath with great care, unless prohibited by the attending physician.
  • A massage in a hamam in Kemer lasts an average of 30 minutes, but it all depends on its type and purpose. The massage uses natural aromatic oils and skin care products. In addition to massage, visitors will find a full body peeling, as well as relaxation in a cool room with freshly brewed herbal tea.
  • Hamam in Beldibi is a great option for a healthy and healthy pastime, which will allow you not only to cleanse your body and soul in a Turkish bath, but also to get to know the tradition of visiting a hamam. This procedure, in combination with peeling and massage with nourishing oils, will make the skin as smooth as possible and prepared for an even, noble tan.
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