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Excursions in Kemer with children

Things to Do with Kids in Kemer

Excursions in Kemer with children

Excursions in Kemer with children - it's a great opportunity to spend time on vacation and entertain the youngest travelers. Turkey is an incredible country with dozens of attractions and fun tours, almost every one of which can be visited by the whole family, including young children. Family holidays in the Mediterranean begin in May and last until the end of October, so your holiday will be truly unforgettable. Small guests from the first minutes will be captivated by active entertaining trips deep into the picturesque Taurus Mountains or to the beautiful city of Antalya - the "heart" of Mediterranean Turkey.

If you decide to go on a sea holiday to Turkey as a family, we recommend you a list of excursions in Kemer with children who are exactly suitable for such a holiday and will leave unforgettable memories in the hearts of the youngest travelers and their parents.

  • While relaxing with children and when choosing a tour for children in Kemer then first of all, pay attention to trips to the dolphinarium in Kemer, where amazing animals will show you their extraordinary abilities and cheer children.
  • A yacht ride in Kemer. During the sea tour on the pirate ship you are waiting not only amazing natural scenery, but also a whole show program with the participation of animators, created specifically for children. It includes games and competitions, incendiary foam disco and more.
  • Water parks in Kemer. If your hotel does not have its own water activities, be sure to go to the largest water parks in the region - Dolusu (Kemer) or Aqualand (Antalya). There are a huge number of children's areas for guests of any age, fun slides and other attractions.
  • Antalya Aquarium from Kemer. This modern aqua complex will be interesting for both the youngest guests and schoolchildren who are passionate about nature and the world around them. A huge number of unprecedented fish and exotic animals, the largest underwater tunnel in Europe and even a separate "winter" zone with real snow recreated on it for a long time will captivate children and will remain the best memory of their lives

Oscar Wilde has a wonderful saying: "The best way to make a child good is to make them happy." Children, literally, life boils, and energy beats the key, and they do not like a quiet holiday "hotel - beach - sea." Therefore, when planning your vacation in Kemer, make a list of activities in advance, which will be sure to include excursions for children. Especially in Kemer children's excursions are very much, they are diverse and interesting not only for children, but also for their parents.

7 km from Kemer, in the picturesque pine forest is the Dinosaur Park. An amazing excursion to Jurassic World, where you and your children will meet those who are no longer on our planet. It is the largest dinopark in Europe. Life-size dinosaur figures that move and make very realistic sounds, a contact mini-zoo, a swimming pool and trampolines are all things that children love so much.

Dolphinarium in Kemer is not too big, but from this his show program is no less interesting. Sea artists will sing, dance and even draw pictures. But the highlight of visiting the dolphinarium is the opportunity to chat, pat and swim with these amazing creatures. All children love animals, and all children will be interested and informative to get to know the inhabitants of the underwater environment and the animal world, so be sure to visit the aquarium and zoo.

And adults are unlikely to remain indifferent from the underwater tunnel in the aquarium. It is 131 metres long and 3 metres wide. In this tunnel you seem to take a walk on the seabed, surrounded by numerous exotic fish and stingrays. The aquarium and zoo are located in Alanya, 45 km from Kemer. There is also a theme park of fairy tales. Tom and Jerry, the Lion King, Aladdin and other heroes are already waiting for their young guests. Each of them is familiar to all children, and if not yet familiar - then it's time to meet.

Be sure to visit this park with your child and together plunge into the world of fairy tales. The water park is loved by both children and adults. Still, because in the water park Kemer "Dolu sous" more than 17 attractions for adults and 9 for children, and this is more than enough for an active, interesting, and most importantly a joint pastime! In addition, the Dolusu Water Park offers a mermaid theatre, a dolphinarium and even a shark swim! Do not resist your children when they call you on another tour. Fatigue will pass, and bright impressions and happy eyes of your children will remain for a long time.

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