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Private trips in Kemer Antalya

Private trips in Kemer Antalya

Private trips in Kemer Antalya are the choice of those tourists who go beyond the standard excursion packages and want to get maximum benefit from their vacation, positive emotions and vivid memories.

Private trips in Kemer Antalya price list

Age Range tour Price
 1 Adult 43
 1 Children (7-12) 43
 1 Infants (0-6) 1

Private excursions

Private trips in Kemer Antalya What you have to know

Tour days Everyday
Tour hours 07:00 - 20:00
Includes Personal guide, Transport (car, yacht), Insurance Tickets, services previously agreed and ordered.
Excludes personal spending
Recommended Things, depending on the selected event.

Private trips in Kemer Antalya Tour schedule

  • It is important to know:

  • An order for an individual tour is made in advance

  • Prepayment may be required

  • Meeting with tourists

  • Departure from the hotel on a pre-agreed route

  • Tour program

  • Return to hotel

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Private trips in Kemer Antalya specification


Private trips in Kemer Antalya - This direction of tourism is gaining more and more popularity every year, it can be organized both personally for one person and for a group: family, friends, colleagues.

Of course, there is always a fly in the ointment in the ointment the cost of the service, but what is included in it?

  • Transport of increased comfort.
  • Personal, english-speaking guide with specialized education in history and archeology.
  • Exclusive route program, developed at the request of the client. Insurance.
  • Registration of all necessary documents.

A definite plus is that a private trip can be organized regardless of the season, and also does not limit travelers in time when walking to places of interest and choosing a destination.

For 30 years, Turkey has been confidently holding a leading position among countries ideal for recreation. Developed infrastructure, warm climate, beautiful nature and rich history dating back to ancient times.

Private tours from Kemer are a great opportunity to get acquainted with the most significant sights of the country. Calmly, without haste and a crowd of strangers, wander through the ruins of ancient cities, enjoy the sunset from the observation deck located on the top of the mountain away from the bustle of the city, or spend a day on a quiet and deserted island.

Private trips in Kemer Antalya: where we are heading.

To Istanbul. Plunge into the whirlpool of the court secrets of the Ottoman Empire, walk through the garden and look into all the halls of the Topkapi Palace. Under the fascinating story of the guide, imagine how people lived, how destinies were decided, wars were won and lost.

To Cappadocia, to its incredible stone valleys and underground cities. And on the way back, be sure to turn to Lake Tuz: in the spring it turns into a rich purple-pink color, in the summer, due to high temperatures, it turns into a huge salt marsh, and pink flamingos, permanent residents.

Pamukkale is beautiful. There is no doubt, but this place is attractive not only for snow-white travertines and healing pools. 20 km from here is the town of Denizli, famous for its rooster singers, and 6 km Karahait the mountain is smaller than the Cotton Castle, but has red travertines in its possession due to geothermal water saturated with iron and a temperature of 60 to 80C.

When resting with children in Private trips in Kemer Antalya, you should pay attention to Antalya, it is in this city that there is a dolphinarium, an oceanarium, a water park and a wonderful park where all the fairy-tale characters are collected. Antalya City Tour From Kemer can help get to know this city better.

You can move during individual Private trips in Kemer Antalya not only by land transport, but also by sea, by renting a yacht. Have a romantic date on the high seas, organize fishing trips or explore underwater caves and grottoes with professional diving instructors.

Goynuk private tours

Private excursions in Goynuk are comfort in all its manifestations. An amazing opportunity to visit only the most interesting and iconic places of the region without traveling with large groups, but in the company of the best guide and his full location. This is the most comfortable tour for the whole family.

Private Excursion Beldibi

Private excursions from Beldibi will help you to get a closer look at all the subtleties of Turkish culture and get to know Kemer and its villages from a completely different side. This is a tour in which a tourist can independently choose the routes of his travel, therefore it is in great demand among clients.

Private tours Camyuva

Private tours from Camyuva are the choice of those tourists who value their personal time highly and do not want to spend it with strangers in locations that are not very interesting. This is a unique opportunity to compose your own tour, which could very well be the best trip of your life.

Kirish private excursions

A private tour from Kirish will introduce newly arrived tourists to the amazing flora and fauna of the Kemer region, which is famous for its picturesque mountains and pristine beaches. This is a great chance to get closer to the culture of the Turkish people and diversify your everyday beach vacation with interesting locations.

Private trips Tekirova Antalya

Private trips Tekirova Antalya is the most comfortable and thoughtful tour of all possible, because the client can independently plan his trip to those places that are of interest to him. Experienced guides will help you plan your route in such a way as to save time on long journeys.

Private trips in Kemer Antalya Frequently Asked Questions

  • Especially for those guests who are not ready to share the guide with other clients, or who want to make up their own itinerary, without stopping in places that are not interesting to them, and such profitable Private Trips In Kemer Antalya
    have been drawn up, which on average will cost from $ 150 and higher depending on the program.
  • The most popular destination for Private Trips In Kemer Antalya is undoubtedly the ancient city of Phaselis. This is the oldest architectural monument, which has preserved the ruins of ancient amphitheaters and temples to this day. Also a very popular tourist destination is the Lycian city of Myra, where you can contemplate tombs and ancient temples in the rocks. The ancient city of Olympos has also retained some of its former glory.
  • Perhaps the most convenient way to get to know a new location is to buy the accompaniment of a personal experienced guide on an Private Trips In Kemer Antalya. This way of travel is distinguished not only by comfort and a high level of interaction with the narrator, but also by undeniable freedom of action and movement, because the guide will do and show only what is interesting to the guest, thereby greatly saving the client's time and energy. That is why the price of individual tours is so high, because all the guide's attention will be directed exclusively to one client.
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