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Quad Bike Safari plus Hamam from Kemer

Quad Bike Safari plus Hamam from Kemer price list

Age Range tour Price
 1 Passenger 1
 1 Adult 1

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Quad Bike Safari plus Hamam from Kemer What you have to know

Tour days Every day
Tour hours 09:30 - 14:00; 16:00 - 20:00
Includes Transfer, insurance, guide, instructor, safety helmet
Excludes Additional services in the hamam, bandana (can be purchased for additional money), drinks.
Recommended Swimwear, change of clothes, drinking water, money for personal expenses

Quad Bike Safari plus Hamam from Kemer Tour schedule

  • Meeting with tourists near hotels

  • Arrival at the ATV parking area

  • Safety briefing

  • Test drive Main route 1.5-2 hours

  • Arrival at the hamam

  • Passage of basic spa treatments:

  • sauna;

  • peeling with a "kyose" mitten

  • foam massage

  • massage with aromatic oils

  • visit to the menthol room

  • relaxation in the pool

  • Transfer to the hotel

Quad bike safari plus hamam from Kemer is 2 in 1. The best combination of active pastime on serpentines and pleasant Spa-therapy for body and face.

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Route scheme and description


Tour quad bike safari plus hamam from Kemer - a godsend for tourists who have very little time at their disposal and the desire to enjoy all the delights of being in Turkey does not go anywhere. In 2021, the Mykemertours team decided to experiment, namely, to combine incompatible and as a result - the ideal excursion: unbridled drive, picturesque views and relaxation during the best spa treatments.

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Difficult places, mountain trails, small streams - all this easily overcome quad bikes. Even a beginner can cope with them and after a short trial run will be able to go along the main route. Rights are not needed; the only requirement is the age of 16. The great-grandfather of the modern quad is rightly considered Henry Ford, because the basis is taken his cart with an engine, created in 1896. Over time, it was transformed, improved, first taken away, and then returned the fourth wheel and in 1984 the world got a cross between a car and a motorcycle. This miracle of technology is in incredible demand in the tourism industry precisely because of its stability, smallness, agility and ease of management.

The second part of the tour of the quad bike safari plus hamam from Kemer is the complete opposite of the first.

The classic Turkish bath is significantly different from the conventional notions of steam. For example, in a Finnish sauna the air temperature warms up to 120 C, with humidity of no more than 15%. In hamam wet 100% steam has a maximum temperature of 55 C. This temperature is suitable for everyone, because it does not load internal organs at all. In the room where people have warm floors, walls and sunbeds, everything is made in marble finish. Here rests not only the body, but also the mind: muscles relax, pores are cleaned, and negative thoughts remain outside the threshold of the building. For such an ideal combination is not enough only zest, which can become a vacation in the Canyon Goynuk from Kemer with a cup of fragrant coffee.

Tour of quad bike safari plus hamam: what to take with you The active part of the journey passes the woodlands and roads of Goynuk Canyon. The country's natural heritage has a length of 14 km, a width of only 6 meters, and the height of the rocks reach up to 350 meters. Looking at the river of the same name, which flows along the bottom of the gorge, it is difficult to imagine that it was she who millions of years ago made its way through the stone blocks. However, its temper is completely dependent on the season: in summer, at the peak of the heat, it almost dries up, in the autumn-winter period becomes a full-flowing bubbling stream.

Tourists wishing to take part in the quad bike safari plus hamam should choose comfortable, non-branded clothes and shoes, well fixed on the foot. Not superfluous will be bathing accessories, because according to the plan - a visit to the waterfalls, meeting on the way and backwaters with crystal-clear water. Be sure to take care of sun protection: cream, bandana on the face from dust and dirt, glasses, well, and the best hat - a helmet, which is given free before the race.

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