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Swimming with dolphins in Kemer

Swimming with dolphins in Kemer is a great tour. Dolphinarium is open daily from 10:00 to 17:00. The cost of the excursion Swimming with dolphins in Kemer. You will love the idea of such an unusual voyage. Even after a while, looking through photos or videotapes taken, you will warmly recall these moments and the country itself.

Swimming with dolphins in Kemer price list

Age Range tour Price
 1 Passenger 9
 1 Adult 60

Kind of therapy,Moonlight,Diving,Swimming,English guide

Swimming with dolphins in Kemer What you have to know

Tour days Every day
Tour hours 10:00 - 12:00
Includes transfer, insurance, swimming with dolphins
Excludes photography
Recommended Swimwear and towels

Swimming with dolphins in Kemer Tour schedule

  • Transfer tourists from hotels.

  • Swimming with dolphins

  • Return to the hotel

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Route scheme and description


Swimming with dolphins in Kemer - Among the many types of recreation and entertainment, which is famous for its many-sided and many-sided Turkey, you can always find something that will bring joy and pleasure to every tourist individually. But there is an entertainment category that suits absolutely everyone. One of them is communication with dolphins.

The excursion swimming with dolphins in Kemer will allow you to fully enjoy this kind of therapy, unity with nature, and just relax, relax in the company of some of the smartest sea creatures. Kindness, sincerity, predisposition are the main features peculiar to them.

You can also check out and book Dolphin Park In Kemer to watch how these mammals behavior in the pool

Swimming with dolphins in Kemer - Dolphinarium is located on the territory of the amusement park "Moonlight", located along the coast. Its territory covers a total of 55,000 square meters. The park complex got its name by analogy with the bay along which its beach is located. Here you can find almost all kinds of entertainment that have their price, from diving to mini-golf. Passive recreation is also welcome.

However, many choose to visit a dolphinarium not only with the aim of seeing a fascinating performance, but also to become a part of that life, albeit individually. The pool, where you will swim with dolphins, has a depth of 5.5 meters. Its walls are completely transparent, and the water is crystal clear. Don't worry about the depth. Not far from you there will always be an instructor, next to a clever, devoted animal. Even if you do not know how to swim at all - not scary. Organizers provided and this problem. You will be given a special inflatable vest. The only condition - the absence of fear of water. This is important for both children and adults.

Swimming with dolphins in Kemer For the first time, American David Nathanson in 1978 came up with the idea to use dolphins to treat people with different types of abnormalities. Such therapeutic classes brought people back to normal life, which meant that the courses had quite high and positive results. If we give an example in the % ratio, the success was in 97 cases out of 100.

The global pandemic from which changes have been made throughout has changed the 2021 tourist season. In Turkey, all measures have been taken to protect local residents and foreign visitors. Therefore, the tour swimming with dolphins will be held in groups with a minimum number of people, and all pools will undergo even more thorough inspection and processing than before.

Swimming with dolphins in Kemer Frequently Asked Questions

  • Relaxing interesting swimming with dolphins in Kemer will last on average from about 15-20 minutes, the start time of the visit must be agreed with the manager, as well as clarify all the details of the chosen tour.
  • When visiting dolphins and other sea inhabitants, it is necessary to clearly know that in no case should you bring food into the territory of the dolphinarium and give it to the inhabitants of the waters. It is also forbidden to make amateur video and photography while swimming with dolphins in Kemer, since the bright flashes of cameras can scare animals. It should be noted that communication with dolphins has a very beneficial effect on the nervous system of children and adults, providing a powerful therapeutic effect.
  • With you to swim with dolphins in Kemer, you need to take hats and sunglasses, as well as water and money for personal expenses, because visitors will have the opportunity to buy several professional photos or even video filming of swimming with sea inhabitants.
  • An exciting swim with dolphins in Kemer is the same regardless of the age of the tourists. The cost of the excursion may change depending on the season and the availability of free places in the dolphinarium, for up-to-date information you can check with our managers in the correspondence.
  • The cost of the excursion Swimming with dolphins in Kemer includes a transfer from the hotel, an entrance ticket and a show program and, in fact, swimming with dolphins, as well as insurance. Dolphinarium invites children from three years old accompanied by their parents. The park can also offer a beneficial rehabilitation course for special children and adults with disabilities.
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