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Rent Yacht in Kemer

Rental yacht in Kemer has become an integral part of modern leisure, which allows you to enjoy the scenery right on the high seas. You can enjoy the spectacular view of the famous caves and admire the amazing sea animals on it, where you will be only!

Rent Yacht in Kemer price list

Age Range tour Price
 1 Adult 43
 1 Children (7-12) 43
 1 Infants (0-6) 0

Unlimited soft drinks,great views,grand celebration,romantic evening

Rent Yacht in Kemer What you have to know

Tour days Every day
Tour hours check with staff
Includes transfer, insurance, English-speaking captain, 5 hours of travel on a yacht at sea, lunch, soft drinks (unlimited)
Excludes alcoholic beverages (optional)
Recommended Visit this tour at the beginning of your holiday to get to know the resort. Bring swimwear, towels, sunscreen. If you have a festive event (anniversary, birthday, romantic date), then we will decorate the board of the boat for you in the chosen style.

Rent Yacht in Kemer Tour schedule

  • The price of renting a yacht in Kemer depends on the number of guests and its capacity. At our disposal - more than 20 comfortable yachts. Contact our representative at the specified number (Viber WhatsApp) and he will help you decide.

  • The departure of guests from the hotel on an individual VIP-car

  • Arrival at the starting point - in the city port

  • The departure of the boat from the port

  • The beginning of an individual excursion on a yacht in Kemer

  • Walk along the Mediterranean coast of Kemer

  • Stops for swimming in the open sea, places for which guests can choose on their own.

  • A delicious dinner of Turkish cuisine, prepared by the captain of the ship especially for you

  • Return to the hotel on an individual VIP car

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Route scheme and description


Rent Yacht in Kemer tour, we can experience relaxing moments in these stressful days due to corona, record memorable memories, and return to a routine life with a calm mind.

Dear tourists! In order to protect each of you from infection with coronavirus is taken precautions, especially during the excursion trip, so walks will be allowed with a minimum number of people.

For those who want to spend with a group, we offer them a Jeep Safari In Kemer so they can enjoy an excursion with a huge car.

The advantages of this tour:

To make a holiday truly unforgettable, and to enjoy the scenery to the full, it is worth it to spend a day at least once in the open sea on a snow-white ship. No scurrying tourists and hurrying guides. On the private boat only you and your loved ones. Very comfortable and affordable for many vacationers renting a yacht in Kemer will be one of the unforgettable days on vacation, which you will not regret.

Main advantages:

  • the absence of other tourists;
  • the opportunity to see more than just from the shore;
  • cruise on the planned route and stop at any place.

Rent yacht in Kemer has become an integral part of many vacationers who want to fully enjoy the views of the Turkish resort and make their vacation truly unforgettable.

Day walks or holiday parties:

Unlimited soft drinks, great views, and sea air. Didn’t every vacationer dream about such a vacation? For such a siesta, and provided for rent a boat in Kemer, to spend the long-awaited vacation not only among the crowd of tourists and streets of the city but enjoy the rich views and capture the most memorable moments at sunset.how much is a day with a captain 2021? Planned grand celebration and the place has not yet been determined? A holiday on the boat will be one of the unforgettable evenings, which can be a great gift for loved ones. What exactly will remember the walk on a ship in the open sea, so it is a romantic evening for two? The second half will be delighted with such a surprise, and we will help you with organizing.

Details about the Rent Yacht in Kemer:

Our company individually approaches each client, and therefore the selection of boats takes place personally. There are several of them in the yacht club, and they all differ in their size and equipment. For example, a small ships are ideal for a romantic evening, and a sea adventure for two. And others will be a pleasant find for a noisy party on the high seas. During the boat tour in Kemer, there are also guides who will tell you interesting places where it is worth mooring. If the vacationer has never stood at the helm - it does not matter, because you can take the yacht with the captain for a day in Kemer. You can place an order by contacting our company by contact phone numbers or fill in the form on the official website.

Interesting to know about Rent Yacht in Kemer:

  • The best months for yacht rental are July, August and September.
  • The first yacht club can rightly be considered the Nevsky Fleet of Peter I, which contained 144 sailboats.
  • The origin of yachts dates back to the early 16th century in Holland, where they were originally used for fishing, and then yachts became a means of luxury, prosperity and used only entertainment.

Rent Yacht in Kemer Frequently Asked Questions

  • Renting a yacht in Kemer for a period of three hours on average will cost from $ 300, but there are also more expensive options. All possible types of yachts with an indication of the rental price and all the details regarding the conditions can be clarified with our managers at the specified phone numbers.
  • During the sea voyage: which takes place while renting a yacht in Kemer, you can see many attractions of this region. On the yacht's route, you can stop near the picturesque Phaselis Bay, where you can go fishing and plunge into the azure waters. The next stop can be Paradise Bay, the appearance of which rightfully justifies its name. In addition, on the way, you will meet the Kirish Bay, which is famous for a huge number of representatives of marine flora and fauna.
  • The cost of renting a yacht in Kemer includes a mutual transfer from the hotel, a trip on the yacht and insurance. It is also possible to dine on board in the open ocean. There is an equally attractive option for an evening boat trip with dinner, a worthy option for a full-fledged romantic date or cozy family get-togethers with children.
  • Renting a yacht in Kemer for personal use can be either for a few hours or for the whole day, the total cost of the trip will depend on the time spent on board. The exact cost of the excursion can be clarified with our managers during correspondence.
  • It is most profitable to book a yacht for the whole day, this will provide a comfortable and leisurely rest, which no one can interfere with. We recommend using this advantageous offer, since the cost of renting a yacht in Kemer is practically available to every tourist.
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