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Sea excursions in Kemer

Kemer water activities

Sea excursions in Kemer

Sea excursions in Kemer - Holiday at sea - for many it is to lie on hot sand and turn from one side to the other, alternating with visits to the sea water. From entertainment - a water bike and a banana, you can still play ball. It would seem that what else is interesting in the sea? The vast expanses of water surface and seagulls in the sky. But if it concerns entertainment, then sea excursions in Kemer is a real "mast-have" for those who are tired of rest on land.

Swimming and fishing in the high seas, diving, exploring the seabed and underwater caves. If you have just decided to get acquainted with diving, then Turkey is the perfect place. And fishing will bring a lot of fun and a delicious dinner of hand-caught fish. From the sea opens a completely different, mesmerizing view of mount Tahtali, at the foot of which stretches paradise Faselis - a favorite city of Alexander the Great. It was this species that the great general contemplated before this place became his rightful place.

Take a walk in the sea on a pirate yacht, from which your children will be delighted. Inspired by the theme of ancient corsairs, it is worth visiting a real pirate cave, because you can get to it only by sea. According to legend, here sea robbers kept treasures and kidnapped girls.

Sea excursions in Kemer - No less exciting will be a walk to the beautiful and completely uninhabited island of Sulu-Ada. A rock of volcanic origin surrounded by a white beach and turquoise, crystal-clear water. Dolphins and sea turtles like to come here, you may be lucky, and you will see them too.

Sea holiday in Kemer involves not only group tours, but also individual tours. For example, you can rent a yacht and go on your own sea trip to some secluded, quiet cove, for a full rest. Or maybe, on the contrary, decide on a noisy party in the middle of the high seas.