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Kemer quad safari

Kemer quad safari

Kemer quad safari is a great tour. The cost of the entire event is quite accessible to every tourist. The Kemer atv quad tour is not designed for the presence of small children. Children from 8 years are allowed to the excursion accompanied by adults.

Kemer quad safari price list

Age Range tour Price
 1 Passenger 15
 1 Adult 30

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Kemer quad safari What you have to know

Tour days Every day
Tour hours 09:00 — 18:00
Includes transfer, instructor, equipment, insurance, rent quad
Excludes drinks
Recommended Water, non-falling shoes, clothes that are not soiled to get dirty, sunglasses

Kemer quad safari Tour schedule

  • Pick up tourists from hotels with the comfortable transfer.

  • Arriving at the place

  • Instruct and test drive

  • Tour start

  • the total length of the route is 30 km (duration is one and a half hours)

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Kemer quad safari specification


Kemer quad safari is for anyone who is not satisfied with sitting on the beach is one of the best tours that our company introduces. This is a unique opportunity to see the hospitable and so different Turkey from the inside, to get a lot of emotions, a crazy adrenaline rush. If you are not afraid of dust and are not indifferent to technology, then this trip is a real treasure for you. You will be able to independently manage transport (it is not difficult to do this) and at the same time enjoy the beauty of the high-mountainous region, its landscapes.

You can also check out and book Paragliding in Kemer from the Tahtali mountains for more thrill and adrenaline.

For 3 hours, you will be able to visit the Göynuk canyon and, at the same time, gain management skills of powerful quad bikes, although special knowledge is not required for this, given the simplicity of the vehicle. Near the highway, there is the village of the same name - the popular resort of Goynuk. The distance from Kemer (it's center) to Goynuk is only 7 km. This is really a beautiful and unusual place on the Mediterranean coast.

The tour Quad Bike Safari in Kemer includes a trip along the bed of a mountain stream and rocky sections of the road with a stop at a small lake with the purest clear water. There will be a small halt for recreation and photoshoots, so do not forget to take a photo or video camera with you.

The program of the Tour Quad Bike Safari in Kemer includes:

  • The arrival of participants in the canyon Goynuk.
  • Informing and instructing.
  • The beginning of the event.
  • Stop for 30 min. for recreation, video, and photo shooting.
  • The time spent on the track for about 1.5 hours.
  • Completion of the tour and transfer to hotels.

Throughout the Kemer atv quad tour, you will be experienced instructors and guides. Not confident in their own abilities, and do not want to drive? You will be able to travel together on one ATV as a passenger. Impressions will be no less. Considering the peculiarity of this small, but fascinating and somewhere extreme journey, we recommend taking with you sunscreen and glasses, a bandana (as a dressing), which you can buy on the spot, comfortable shoes, light clothing, swimsuit / melting a towel.

You can buy this tour at any time. Check out every day.

Fact: Honda in 1970 presented the first quad bike, it was positioned as a hybrid of a motorcycle and a car, representing a four-wheeled all-terrain vehicle.

Safari on quad bikes in Goynuk

Safari on quad bikes in Goynuk - take a camera with you, because you will have something to shoot. You will go along a narrow mountain road along the most picturesque canyon, catching on its way amazing shots.

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Safari on quad bikes from Tekirova - if you are not afraid of dust and dirt and crave extreme rest, then you will definitely like this format of the tour. Climbing up the slopes, you will see all the beauty of Kemer, its most important attractions and the color of local life.

Kemer quad safari Frequently Asked Questions

  • In addition to money for personal expenses for a dynamic ATV safari in Kemer, it is extremely important to take a supply of drinking water, hats, as well as a cape that will protect your shoulders from the sun and sunglasses that will protect your eyes from the smallest dust and sand.
  • Most likely, while driving, you will slightly stain your clothes, because an extreme ATV safari in Kemer involves visiting the most untouched places where there are no flat roads. Therefore, it is worth wearing sportswear of a dark color, which you do not mind getting dirty with dust or sand, and which can be easily washed. You should definitely bring your swimwear and tanning products with you.
  • Travelers who went on a quad bike safari in Kemer will see the magnificent Kemeri Goynuk canyon, which shimmers in the bright sun with all the colors of the rainbow. It is here that an extreme show on ATVs from the best instructors of the area will be organized especially for the guests. Further, during the tour, there will definitely be stops near mountain ranges and streams.
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