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Kemer excursions

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Kemer excursions

What are Kemer excursions to visit in Turkey - this is one of the first questions of those tourists who plan their holiday at this resort. A huge selection of tours for all tastes and budgets is one of the important advantages of the Mediterranean region of our country. From here you can easily reach the most famous sights of Turkey, such as Cappadocia or Pamukkale. And those who are interested to know about the answer to the question, that what excursions of Kemer are accessible and pleasure.we can recommend sea walks on a yacht or a fascinating jeep safari in the Taurus Mountains.



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Tours in Kemer in 2024

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For many years, Turkey has been a legendary country, one of the most attractive poles that attract thousands of tourists every year. This dream country is a destination for tourists from different countries with different tastes due to its various attractions. Organizing the best excursions in Kemer for our guests is a key task of My Kemer Tours. Since 1989 and to the present day, our employees try to prepare our tourists' rest remembered only by positive emotions.

The Turkish resort of Kemer is rich in attractions: both modern and preserved from antiquity. Its history has been counted since the beginning of the 1st century BC when it was still a small village of Idiros. The oldest Lyki people, Alexander the Great, and even the great commander Mark Antony, also left their mark on these places. The modern name "Kemer" means "belt" because the length of the city is more than 20 km, and it, like a stone "belt" encircles the mountains.


Things to do in Kemer


Ataturk square and statue

Ataturk square and statue

This central street stretches almost throughout the district. It is famous for the monument to Mustafa Kemal Atatürk, the founder of the republic, and it flies a white dove of peace into the sky. The dancing fountains in front of the monument will enchant you. The "Rain of Love" sculpture represents a man and a woman. It's as if the frozen love dance statue informs you that time stops here. In the immediate vicinity, there is a snow-white clock tower - the symbol of the district rising above the city. The square of the town is surrounded by many souvenir shops.

Central Mosque

Central Mosque | kemer tours

The Kemer mosque, built in 1983, was built with a single minaret. The 1500 square meter area indicates that the mosque was presented to the public as a large building in time. You can see the historical artifacts on the second floor of the mosque.

Phaselis Ancient City

Phaselis Ancient City

The city, which is 13 km away from Kemer and has various history and legends, is an ancient settlement located on a small peninsula at the foot of Tahtalı Mountain. It will take you to the 6th century BC. Founded by the Greeks, Faselis has preserved its glory until today. There are many legends about the city. According to legend, there is an ancient tomb near the harbor where Alexander the Great was buried. In this area, the ruins of the Temple of Athena and the Acropolis, the amphitheater have been preserved until today.

The people of the city glorified Athena as a goddess and worshiped her. You can see the evidences of the temple of Hermes, the defender of the city and also the god of trade, while visiting these places. According to legend, there is also a spear belonging to the hero Achilles. While visiting the Phaselis, you will feel the spirit of Byzantine and Roman times, the rise and fall of all civilizations that reflect a different culture. This area is one of the most famous archaeological sites of Antalya.


Olympos Ancient City

Olympos Ancient City in Kemer

BC 5-6. It is a part of the Lycian civilization, which is 45 km away from the ancient city Kemer, which dates from the century. The city's BC. It is said to have been founded by pirates in the 3rd century. The city means the mountain overlooking the valley of the Ulupınar River, located at the foot of Tahtalı mountain, previously called Olympos. Throughout history, it has been home to Byzantines, Venetians and a row of civilizations, respectively. Today's Olympos is part of the National Park and can be seen even though some of it is closed to tourists. The ancient city is being protected from being completely destroyed. Precautions are taken because the city has not been well protected until today. However, it is possible to see monuments of different periods in the closed part by climbing the hills.

Kimera Yanartas Antalya

Kimera Yanartas Antalya

The fire coming out from under the earth turns the Kimera ruin into one of the unique and fascinating places of our planet, reaching a height of two meters. A mystical fire is constantly burning on the mountain slopes near the village of Çıralı in Antalya. Legendary mountain peaks have been known since ancient times. There are legends that mention the summit of Homer in the Iliad, the habitat of the terrible monster that frightens people. Legend has it that the gods protect Athena and the white winged horse Pegasus raises her to the skies.

The story of the war on the mountain top of Bellerophon, the three-headed fire-breathing, has survived to this day. Olympus always spits fire after Bellerophon dies. After that, people organize various festivals, shows, events. He started competitions where he carved a large square stone and carried the torch from the fire burning in Olympos from the mountain to the Zeus Cathedral. These competitions mark the start of the Olympic Games. At the foot of Mount Olyumpos, you can touch the remains of the cathedral built by the fire god Hephaesus.

Besides the burning torches, there are religious architectural structures from the Byzantine period. Partially preserved basilicas, domes and some fresco remains can be seen. While walking along the ancient road called "the path of fire", you can see big and small burning torches. The upper road divides in two directions and can lead to the road where religious ceremonies are held. The castle to the east is the Göktaş castle, which served as the watchtower of Lycian pirates from a height of more than 750 meters


Antalya Tahtalı cable car

Antalya Tahtalı cable car

The Tahtalı cable car, located in the south-west of Kemer, is 4350 meters long and 2365 meters high. Travel time in comfortable cabins varies between 10 and 15 minutes. The lower station starts near the village of Çamyuva. The upper station ends at the top of the Tahtalı Mountains at an altitude of at most +15 degrees even in summer.

Dolusu Aquapark

Dolusu Aquapark

Turkey recently opened one of the largest and most fun waterpark waterslides are Dolusu. Most of the 30 types of slides are made for children. For the first time, the famous water slide Tornado was built here. Also, dolphin show and various water games await you.

Moonlight park

Moonlight park kemer beach | kemer tours

In this park, you can relax in the summer heat among palm trees and enchanting pine tree scents. Moonlight is a family park on the Mediterranean coast, not far from the city harbor. During the day, you can visit the mini zoo and dolphin show place in the park. Horse riding, tennis court and basketball court, one of the best beaches of the region, water skiing, various water sports are among the activities to be done here. Live music every day is available in the section with many clubs, discos and restaurants. Various entertainments suitable for all tastes and ages are organized in the park.

Clock tower

Clock tower

The white tower used to be the meeting place of people on this side. Pools and fountains surround the tower. The Clock Tower is the first place that most people think of when it comes to arch. A public bazaar is set up around the tower on certain days of the week.