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Kemer Paragliding

Kemer Paragliding

Kemer Paragliding is a great parachute jump in Turkey tour for affordable price. Adults who are up to 2 meters tall and children over 6 years old are allowed to fly. For the comfortable flight, have comfortable clothing and shoes on your feet. Paragliding in Kemer is a new emotion and a unique experience that will remain in the memory of every tourist for many years.

Kemer Paragliding price list

Age Range tour Price
 1 Passenger 20
 1 Adult 160

Turkish mountains,floating above the ground,photo and video,picturesque Adrasan beach,Kemer Paragliding

Kemer Paragliding What you have to know

Tour days Every day
Tour hours 08:00 - 14:00
Includes transfer, paragliding, special insurance, equipment and instructions
Excludes drinks, photo and video
Recommended comfortable clothes (trousers or shorts), comfortable and tight-fitting shoes

Kemer Paragliding Tour schedule

  • ATTENTION! We offer two flight options from different heights: Adrasan (1000 m) and Tahtali (2365 m). Ask manager please.

  • transfer from the hotel in a comfortable air-conditioned bus

  • transfer to the start point on Tahtali or Adrasan (1000m or 2300m hight)

  • briefing from an English-speaking guide about safety instructions

  • dressing and fixing security systems, final checking before jump

  • paragliding with pilot (duration 15-30 minutes depending on start location, wind speed, weather conditions etc)

  • landing on the sandy beach of Adrasan or the coastline of the foothills of Tahtali

  • ATTENTION! Some limits for participants: maximum male weight up to 110 kg, female weight up to 95 kg, height up to 2 meters.

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Kemer Paragliding specification


Paragliding in Kemer - an excursion for those who want to admire the scenery of the Turkish mountains from a bird's eye view. This unforgettable adventure is absolutely safe and does not require special training. Flying with a paraglider at an altitude of more than 1000 meters above sea level is a great opportunity to feel completely free and independent, as well as to overcome your inner fears or recharge yourself with a powerful dose of adrenaline. A few steps forward, a jump from a mountain slope - and you are already floating above the ground, surrounded by mountain ranges and an endless blue sky! Paragliding in Kemer is a great tour.

We have prepared various tours for the lovers of excitement and water games, for example, we offer you a Kemer water park(Aqualand) tour.

During the flight with a duration of 25-30 minutes, accompanied by a professional instructor, you can simply relax and enjoy the picturesque panoramas of the mountains and the coast, enjoy the amazing beauty of the Mediterranean Sea, and the Adrasan region. The entire flight you will be under the lenses of photo and video cameras that capture these memorable moments of descent for life! The price of this tour fully justifies the unforgettable impression you received in the process of smooth and undisturbed planning above the ground.

Our company purchased new equipment for flights, because the concern for your safety is in our first think.

The program of excursions paragliding in Kemer includes:

  • transfer from the hotel to the starting place,
  • arrival in the village Adrasan,
  • detailed instruction and equipment,
  • paragliding (in tandem with an experienced English-speaking instructor),
  • landing on the picturesque Adrasan beach and relaxing on the sea,
  • return transfer to the hotel.
  • The distance from Kemer to the village Adrasan (where flights with a paraglider are carried out) is no more than 50 km, so the road does not seem long and tedious.

Tip to Paragliding Kemer: if it is not the first time you have been flying, then try paragliding from Mount Tahtali, this height (2,365 meters) is considered a record throughout Turkey.

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Kemer Paragliding Frequently Asked Questions

  • The minimum age from which to visit Tahtali paragliding from Kemer is 9 years old. The price includes transfer and escort of an experienced instructor, in tandem with whom the flight is carried out.
  • The place from which the dynamic tour to Tahtali paragliding from Kemer starts is rightfully called the highest mountain in the region, because the starting point is 2370 m above sea level. The flight duration is about an hour and depends on the wind speed or other weather conditions.
  • The majestic Tahtali mountain, from where the Tahtali paragliding from Kemer is carried out, is located near the resort itself, namely, only 15 kilometers south of the city. It is not only a popular tourist destination, but also the legendary location of Mount Olympos.
  • Departure for the amazing Tahtali paragliding tour in Kemer very comfortably starts right from the hotel of our clients, a bus takes you to the starting point of the excursion in just 45 minutes. He takes visitors to the cable car, which takes about 15 minutes.
  • The starting and viewing platforms of the Paragliding tour in Kemer are located at a great height, from where a magnificent view of the city, the pirate beach and numerous bays opens up - 2300 meters. Tour participants will overcome this height in about 20-30 minutes, depending on the speed and direction of the wind.
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