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The secret beaches of Kemer

The secret beaches of Kemer
22 Mar 2021

Someone prefers to spend their vacation at sea, someone in the mountains, and those who want everything at once, go to Kemer! This small tourist town is located between the Mediterranean Sea and the Tavra mountain range, and a scattering of broad-leaved and coniferous forests and citrus groves adds even more showmanship to the view coming before the gaze of the traveler.

Belt - this is how it sounds in the Turkish "name" of the resort, which might not have been. After all, until 1910 in this territory frequent and uninvited guests were mudflows, and the inhabitants of the then village Eski Koy had to build a multi-kilometer wall, encircling Taurus. Construction lasted 7 years, but thanks to the efforts of people today holidaymakers can enjoy the sights of Kemer and its diverse coastline.

Of course, any self-respecting hotel has at its disposal its own sandy shore, equipped with all the benefits for a comfortable pastime.

In terms of convenience and developed infrastructure, the city's beaches are not inferior to private ones. The central beach is covered with large pebbles, and Moonlight, or Moon Beach with soft golden sand underfoot. But they have one negative - crowded. Tourists who prefer quiet and tranquil places with virgin nature can go in search of the secret beaches of Kemer, which are countless in the rocky slopes.

  • The wild beach of Beldibi - fully corresponds to its name: secluded, surrounded by huge boulders and protruding rocks, but with crystal clear, emerald water surface. To get on it will have to take a walk in the village.
  • Firefly Bay is a mysterious place of Chamyuwa. Despite the really fabulous picture, it is better to visit in the evening, when the sea turns into a starry sky. Let's expose the magic - billions of living microorganisms live in the water - noctyluks that produce a substance that allows them to glow with neon light.
  • Cleopatra's bay near Tekirova is certainly shrouded in a beautiful legend, on which it was here that the Egyptian queen appointed her beloved Mark Antony secret dates. Whether it was or not, not so important, but the mesmerizing beauty is worth seeing in person