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Trip to Israel from Kemer

Trip to Israel from Kemer price list

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Hefsimian Garden,Church of all nationalities,Temple of Magdalene,Tomb of the Virgin,The Temple of Christ's Birth,The Tomb of King David

Trip to Israel from Kemer What you have to know

Tour days Check with the manager
Tour hours 02:00 —24:00
Includes shuttles, insurance, air travel, English-speaking guide, entrance tickets, lunch, and dinner.
Excludes Drinks
Recommended Swimsuits, passports, comfortable clothes and shoes, sunglasses, towels, sunscreen/tan

Trip to Israel from Kemer Tour schedule

Transfer from Kemer hotels on comfortable buses

Departure from Antalya International Airport

Arrival at Ben Gurion International Airport

Departure to Jerusalem - the capital of Israel


Tour to Bethlehem - the center of pilgrimage and tourism

Tour of Jerusalem - visiting the old and new city

Visiting the Temple Mount is the most sacred place for Judaism and Islam

Visiting the Western Wall is a place where the most intimate desires come true

Swimming in the Dead Sea - one of the saltiest bodies of water on earth

Dinner of national dishes

Departure from Tel Aviv to Antalya

Return transfer to the hotel on comfortable buses

It is important to take into account that dresses up on the tour of Israel from Kemer should be accordingly. Women exclude from the wardrobe deep neckline, open shoulders and knees, heels and shoes on a thin sole of leather, and take with them headscarves. Men wear trousers.

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Route scheme and description


A tour to Israel from Kemer - this is what you just need. The cost of the trip is very democratic, although the distance from Kemer to Israel is more than 1000 km. It is no secret that this place is the cradle of shrines, which you can visit as part of the tour.

If you are delighted with this tour, we recommend the next to choose the Magnificent Istanbul from Kemer which is located on two continents at the same time, and the centuries-old history of this city has no borders!

A trip to the holy promised land, where you can relax with your soul and body. Here every tourist will find inspiration, peace, and most importantly - will be charged with new strength and energy! This land with its centuries-old history and picturesque landscapes will fall in love with anyone who will be on it. Visiting Israel, you will want to return there periodically! Such famous attractions as Hefsimian Garden with its ancient trees, Church of all nationalities (filled with a huge force, which is impossible to explain, but you can feel for yourself, the Temple of Magdalene, the Tomb of the Virgin. The most amazing attraction is the Dead Sea - a lake where living creatures can not live because of the very salty water in it. Here you can stay on the water without much effort. Be sure to try unusual for us national dishes: hummus, shakshuka, babus.

The Temple of Christ's Birth, built in the 4th century, has never been destroyed. Neither the Persians in 614 nor the Muslims began to destroy the building, as for them it is also a shrine, and they recognize the Christmas of Jesus.

The Last Supper Room on the Mount of Sion also belongs to the ancient temples of the 4th century. But its original version is somewhat different. The building, built in the 12th and 13th centuries, has survived to this day. It was to this place that the apostles Simon (Peter) and John were sent to this place for an Easter meal. Here, for the first time, the ordinance of the Eucharist was committed. And here the apostles mourned their Master.

A tour of Israel from Kemer - The Tomb of King David, who is a holy prophet and role model in the three main religions - Islam, Christianity, and Judaism. According to the Bible, the king was buried on Mount Sion in Jerusalem. The Synagogue of David is currently standing here. In the main hall of the tomb is a sarcophagus. For many centuries, the tomb has been subjected to multiple destructions by treasure hunters.

No less attractive for tourists is the Church of the Holy Sepulchre, Mount Olive (Maspersonal). A wailing wall is a must-see place. It is the holiest site for all Jews. After the destruction of the Temple, it became a place to mourn the destroyed shrine. The structure dates from 19 BC its length is 57 meters, the height without a foundation is 19 m, with a foundation - 32 m.

You will learn a lot of interesting facts, see ancient temples, and get the opportunity to pray in the holy land. You can book a tour of Israel from Kemer a few days before departure. In 2021, we have the opportunity to pay for the tour online with the help of different payment systems. You can now book a tour before your holiday starts and we are guaranteed to reserve seats for you.

Tourists will be as protected from the spread of the coronavirus pandemic as possible, the guide strictly keeps his distance and observes the safety rules, provides des. solutions and masks, as well as a tourist transfer filled with holidaymakers on 50% of the seats.

Interesting facts:

  • Only in this country, girls are drafted into the army necessarily,
  • the legendary Western Wall "accepts" more than a million notes a year and they are there until the Jewish New Year,
  • The Dead Sea is not a sea, but a lake. And it is called so because of the strong salinity of water, so there do not live living organisms. The Dead Sea is considered the lowest place on Earth.