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Dinopark from Kemer

Dinopark from Kemer

Dinopark from Kemer is a fascinating adventure and familiarity with dinosaurs that are designed life-size, able to react and communicate with visitors. A huge selection of entertainment programs and a lot of restaurants on the territory are waiting for tourists.

Dinopark from Kemer price list

Age Range tour Price
 1 Adult 30
 1 Children (5-12) 25
 1 Infants (0-4) 0

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Dinopark from Kemer What you have to know

Tour days Every day
Tour hours 09:00 — 18:00
Includes Transfer in both directions, guide, insurance, entrance tickets to the park, contact zoo with birds, an inspection of fossils with dinosaurs, bungee, pool, trampoline, entrance to 7D cinema, room of fear.
Excludes Other rides not included in the list, drinks
Recommended Bathing accessories, water on the road, money for personal expenses

Dinopark from Kemer Tour schedule

  • The tour takes place in the morning and at lunch for your comfort

  • Gathering of tourists by the hotel on a comfortable transfer

  • Arrival at Dinosaur Park, ticketing

  • Free time to explore the exhibitions, photos of pause, rest near the pool, those who want to swim (2 hours)

  • Group gathering at the bus

  • Return transfer to hotels on a comfortable transfer

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Dinopark from Kemer specification


Dinopark from Kemer, with an area of 30,000 square meters, is located on the shores of Turkey, in the woods, under the canopy of trees. This tour is of special interest to children of all ages.

Even more attractive is that the Dinopark from Kemer can be reached quickly and comfortably. Stunning forest terrain and fresh air will leave an unforgettable pleasant experience and allow you to make beautiful photos. Dinosaur Theme Park is located near Kemer, and the village of Goynuk is only 7 km away. Opening hours from 9 a.m. to 7 p.m. On the official website of Discovery Park, tourists will find detailed information about the mode of work and the rules of visitation.

The price of the Ticket Dinopark Kemer remained the same, and for children under 6 years of age, the entrance is absolutely free.

How to get to Dinopark from Kemer?

You don't have to go to Dinopark on your own to visit this park. To book a tour from us and on a comfortable transfer, from any hotel Kemer, with a guide to visit the park and get maximum pleasure at an adequate cost.

The locals of Discovery Park are 28 different species of dinosaurs created by the best life-size craftsmen. All the inhabitants of the park growl, rock, breathe, react to the rest, move their tails and paws. Great love won mom dinosaur with a cub, they talk to each other and wave their huge tails.

At the entrance to the holidaymakers are given tokens, they can be spent on selected rides or for lunch in one of the restaurants of the complex. There is a lot of entertainment on-site mainly for children. Your kids can take part in dinosaur digs, visit a rope park and have fun on trampolines. The whole family will be interested to visit the planetarium, mini zoo or cinema 7D.

In the vicinity of Kemer's stunning nature and scenery, be sure to take a photo in Dinopark, children gladly agree to be photographed with huge dinosaurs. After a busy day, be sure to check into a restaurant or cafe to eat and share your impressions of the walk. Or book a tour of Hamam in Kemer, where you will get a full relax.

If you have a question "what is it worth seeing in Kemer?" to married couples with children, it is definitely worth visiting the Dinopark in the village of Gainyuk. Tourists love to share reviews about the park, they note that they have received amazing emotions, and a lot of positive impressions, children, and even adults are impressed by the absolute realism of dinosaurs and their ability to respond to holidaymakers. Don't forget to make a video in Dinopark with the happy and surprised faces of your kids.

Why should I book a tour Dinopark from Kemer from us?

A huge bonus is that you can book a tour without prepayment, holidaymakers can pay just before departure and go on a trip. It is also important that agencies offer tours at a low price, but children will also have to pay. In our company, children under 6 years of age are served for free. A comfortable transfer will take you to the entertainment complex, the trip will be fast and easy!

Note! There is one very scary place in the territory of Dinoparka, children are strictly forbidden to enter. The room of fear, in a deserted place, with paraphernalia that evokes horror. This entertainment is suitable only for thrill-seekers.

Dinopark from Goynuk

Dinopark from Goynuk - rest with children has its advantages, because you would hardly go to such a park yourself, and in vain! The huge area of the park has entertainment for both children and adults, such as a room of fear - it's only for adults!

Jurassic Park from Beldibi

Jurassic Park from Beldibi - You just imagine the reaction of your children when you tell them that you have planned a tour of Jurassic World! Huge dinosaurs that move and make sounds, and some can even sit, and all this in the real forest - the delight of children is provided!

Park dinosaurs from Camyuva

Park dinosaurs from Camyuva - wanted to visit the lost world as a child? Welcome to the dinopark: huge dinosaurs, around the forest and mountains - everything is as it should be.

A fun walk into the world of dinosaurs from Kiris

A fun walk into the world of dinosaurs from Kiris - the place where dinosaurs come to life, they are made in their natural growth, make sounds and even react to movements. Children will be delighted with such a trip, parents also will not be bored.

Cognitive tour to Dinopark from Tekirova

Cognitive tour to Dinopark from Tekirova - a huge Brachiosaurus, predatory Tyrannosaurus and cute stegosaurus again became the masters of the land of Europe's largest dinoparka. This trip will be interesting for both children and adults, especially in the park there is still a rope park, a room of fear and other recreation areas.

Dinopark from Kemer Frequently Asked Questions

  • The beautiful park can be reached very cheaply by local shuttle public taxi or by bus, which runs along the KEMER - GÖYNÜK route in just 15 minutes. You can get to the dinopark from Kemer as part of an organized excursion offered by our company.
  • Children and adults will be delighted with the amazing center of archeology and entertainment in the dinopark in Kemer, because here you can not only enjoy the exhibits of the most ancient eras, but also visit the 8d cinema or a huge zoo. The highlight of the territory will be a mystical horror room that will scare even the most sophisticated tourist.
  • The ticket price is different for children and adults, it includes a ticket to the park and all the existing attractions in it. The entrance price to Dinopark in Kemer may vary depending on the season and time of visiting the attraction, for up-to-date information please contact our managers.
  • In this location, Dinopark from Kemer is highly recommended to explore the amazing territory of the recreational area, as well as the beauty of the interactive area. The walk will be especially interesting for young children, who can get acquainted with amazing animals.
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