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Sea fishing in Kemer

Sea fishing in Kemer is a tour where you will get maximum pleasure from a small, but very interesting tour Sea hunting in Kemer. You can make a video or take photos. Just enjoy the journey in a pleasant company.

Sea fishing in Kemer price list

Age Range tour Price
 1 Adult 40
 1 Children (7-12) 40
 1 Infants (0-6) 20

Breathe the wonderful sea air,Freshly cooked dishes,Free transfer,Breakfast,Price of 2021

Sea fishing in Kemer What you have to know

Tour days Monday, Wednesday, Friday
Tour hours 07:00 - 14:00
Includes transfer, lunch, breakfast, fishing equipment.
Excludes drinks
Recommended Hat, glasses

Sea fishing in Kemer Tour schedule

  • Transfer tourists from hotels.

  • Departure from the port of Marina at 7:00

  • After breakfast, the yacht makes the first stop for fishing.

  • An echo sounder is installed on the yacht, so the places will change depending on his readings.

  • Dinner on the yacht (salad, macaroni, schnitzel, also cook caught fish)

  • Arrival at the port of Marina at 14:00

  • Return to the hotel

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Route scheme and description


Sea fishing in Kemer is an option that should not be abandoned to any avid fisherman. This is one of the most extreme and fascinating types of fishing.

The cost of Sea fishing in Kemer is quite affordable and, when compared to a private outing, is much less and more profitable. For reference, the price of a trip with a local captain on a rented ship is not less than $ 500. An Independent search for fish places in 99% leads to failure. In order to have a catch, you need to know the features of this hunting and the place.

If you like this kind of entertainment, we suggest combining it with an outdoor picnic during the lake Karacaoren picnic and fishing tour open air.

Groups for hunting are formed small to 10 people, which is very important in the current situation with coronavirus. The occupancy of the boat will be 50% and this will help to comply with all the rules of precaution.

Usually, the distance from Kemer to the fishing place is not too large, but the places vary depending on the readings of the echo sounder installed on the yacht. What is the beauty of this venture? Everything is simple - it is unusual, interesting, besides there is an opportunity to talk with real professionals in this field of activity, enjoy the water landscape, breathe the wonderful sea air, taste delicious, freshly cooked dishes. Enumerate all the advantages that can be infinity.

Excursion Sea hunting in Kemer will appeal to both avid fishermen and beginners, who have never in their life held tackles in their hands.

The following services are provided as part of the Sea fishing in Kemer:

  • Free transfer willing to go fishing from hotels to the port of Marina;
  • 7:00 - a departure from the port;
  • breakfast, after which the first stop is made for hunting;
  • lunch on the ship, whose menu includes schnitzel, pasta, and salad, as well as cooked fish you have caught;
  • 14:00 - return to the port; delivery to hotels.

With our professionals, the risks of encountering poisonous or dangerous, predatory fish, which are not so few in the depths of the sea, are minimal. The chances of having your own catch are quite large.

You can book a tour in Kemer both in advance and on the eve of its holding. We recommend bringing comfortable things (clothes and shoes), be sure to wear glasses and sun cream, swimsuit/swimming trunks, a towel.

Sea fishing in Kemer: do you know:

  • that there are some interesting ways to fish, but one of the most unusual is fishing with mammals. Fishermen and dolphins in pairs chase swarms of fish, driving them into the net.
  • The history of the origin of fishing exists for many centuries, the first mentions were found on ancient frescoes of 3,000. B.C.

Sea fishing in Kemer Frequently Asked Questions

  • On board a high-speed yacht that will take vacationers to sea fishing in Kemer, you should definitely take hats, sunglasses, sun cream and bathing accessories with you, because our tourists will even have the opportunity to swim in the azure waters of the open sea.
  • A notable catch during sea fishing in Kemer is guaranteed! In the process of exciting fishing, there is plenty to choose from, because there are many species of fauna in the water: perch, sea bream, golden pagra, guppy, dorada, sea bass, sea bream, tuna, bluefish and many others.
  • There is no need to worry about the availability of equipment: a modern boat equipped for sea fishing in Kemer has absolutely all the necessary equipment, its use is included in the price. Fishing rods, bait and even a delicious lunch are at the disposal of our guests. You can try the classic spinning method using sport fishing rods and various baits. Professionals will demonstrate such items as spinners, wobblers, mandulas, ratlins, vibes and others. An extremely useful device will come to your attention - an echo sounder. With its help, you can explore the mysterious depths in search of especially large specimens.
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