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Kemer Jeep Safari

Kemer Jeep Safari

Kemer Jeep Safari is an exhilarating adventure that you can't miss! Research a Jeep Safari in Kemer, Turkey, and experience the rugged beauty of the Taurus Mountain. Ride in a Land Rover Defender as you traverse the challenging terrains of Kemer Country off-road. This jeep safari tour is perfect for those seeking adrenaline and exploration. Ideal for Turkey family tours, it offers a unique way to discover the natural wonders and hidden gems of the region. We also arrange a free and comfortable transfer from the villages of Beldibi, Goynuk, Kiris, Camyuva and Tekirova. Among the top things to do in Kemer, this safari promises unforgettable memories and stunning vistas that will captivate every traveler.

Kemer Jeep Safari price list

Age Range tour Price
 1 Adult 25
 1 Children (6-12) 20
 1 Infants (0-5) 0

Kemer Jeep Safari

Kemer Jeep Safari What you have to know

Tour days every day
Tour hours 09:30 - 15:30
Includes transfer, insurance, guide, lunch
Excludes drinks, entrance to cave (optional)
Recommended hats, sunglasses, swimsuits, towels

Kemer Jeep Safari Tour schedule

  • transfer from the hotels 

  • meeting of the group at the starting point of Kemer Jeep Safari  tour

  • breefing with guide

  • start of a jeep safari along the picturesque off-road of the Taurus Mountains

  • time to break for rest and a walking in mountain village Gedelme

  • photo-pause near the famous tree name Cinar - one of the oldest trees in the world, over 2000 years old

  • pause on the Ovacik point on hight of 1500 meters above the sea

  • time for photo and relax overlooking the colorful Mediterranean coast

  • lunch in restaurant with national Turkish cuisine

  • Gedelme cave: time for a walking (optional)

  • rest time on the beach of a mountain river, the opportunity to swim in the refreshing water - free time 1 hour

  • return back to hotels

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Kemer Jeep Safari specification


Jeep Safari in Kemer completely fills the gaps. This is a unique opportunity to see a wonderful, legendary country in all its pristine beauty, admire mountain landscapes and woodlands and just get a lot of positive emotions. To see these beauties, our travel agency in Kemer offers all tours in the city.

Since Turkey is a country with various sights and attractions for tourists, it is necessary to provide complete and comprehensive information to tourists, and this possibility has been provided to you by our company. All you have to do is enter the website and depending on your taste. Choose the tour you want. We suggest you Rent a Yacht in Kemer to experience happy moments in the Mediterranean Sea.

Kemer Jeep Safari tour

The Jeep Safari in Kemer is safe, so the tour is quite suitable not only for adults but also for small inquisitive tourists. The cost of a tour today is relatively low.

At an altitude of more than 1,500 meters above sea level, you will see all the beauty of the Tavriya Mountains, you can enjoy the wonderfully clean air. The unique Chinar tree, which has been growing for many centuries in the mountain village of Gödelme, will not leave anyone indifferent. According to historical data, it was planted in about 500 g BC (before the birth of Christ).

Nearby is the ancient fortress, or rather what is preserved to this day. But the spectacle is all the same exciting. Oymapinar reservoir with its turquoise waters and the Green Canyon is another place that will forever remain in the hearts of tourists, it is worth seeing it once. Surrounded by rocks, it has a truly majestic view.

Lovers of tasty and satisfying meals will be able to fully appreciate the Turkish cuisine at lunch in the local village. The distance from Kemer to Gödelme is about 16 km.

Kemer country off road tour

You are on a off road safari tour in Kemer, not only learn a lot of new and interesting things for yourself, get acquainted with the locals, plunge into the world of days gone by, see a living witness to events happening here for thousands of years, but also get a lot of impressions, emotions, feel unity with nature. Rest in Kemer for you will be varied and unforgettable!

As part of the tour Jeep Safari in Kemer provided:

  • jeep tour along the mountain road up to 2000 m above sea level;
  • stops at the most interesting places, panoramic sites and picturesque locations for video and photo shooting: the fortress, the legendary Cinar tree, etc;
  • stop for a walk in a Turkish village, get acquainted with the local customs of its indigenous people, the natural beauty of the mountainous regions of Turkey;  
  • lunch at the restaurant of local cuisine, as a main course you can try river trout cooked according to a secret Turkish recipe or a spicy kebab made from fresh chicken;
  • excursion to the ancient cave, the depth of which is more than 100 m - optional;
  • visit a section of the famous trekking route Lycian Trail;
  • relaxing and swimming in a refreshing mountain river.

Gedelme Cave and Castle

Kemer Jeep Safari is an unforgettable adventure that allows you to explore the magnificent surroundings of this resort town. One of the main attractions on the route is the Gedelme Cave, which amazes with its natural beauty and mystery. On the way to the cave, you can also visit Gedelme Castle, an ancient fortress steeped in legends and history. These places represent a unique combination of natural and historical wonders, offering tourists the opportunity to immerse themselves in the atmosphere of the past and enjoy the magnificent views of Turkish nature.

Off-road safari tour in the Turkish mountains is a unique opportunity to see a wonderful, legendary country in all its pristine beauty, admire the mountain landscapes and forests and simply get a lot of positive emotions. To see these beauties, we suggest visiting various tours in the village. Take cameras with you, because beautiful pictures will not fail. Remembering such a trip will not leave anyone indifferent!

Goynuk Jeep Safari

Göynük Jeep Safari offers an exhilarating adventure through the rugged terrains and lush landscapes of the Canyon in Turkey. Participants research on a thrilling journey, navigating rocky paths, dense forests, and refreshing streams. The safari provides breathtaking views of the Taurus Mountains and an opportunity to cipher out the rich flora and fauna of the region. Along the way, visitors can swim in crystal-clear waters and enjoy a traditional Turkish lunch. This off-road experience is perfect for nature lovers and thrill-seekers, blending excitement with the serene beauty of Göynük.

Jeep safari in Beldibi

Jeep safari in Beldibi offers an exhilarating adventure through the stunning landscapes of southwestern Turkey. Nestled between the Taurus Mountains and the Mediterranean Sea, Beldibi is an ideal location for an off-road exploration. During the safari, you'll traverse rugged terrains, lush forests, and picturesque valleys, experiencing the region's natural beauty up close. Along the way, you'll have the chance to visit ancient ruins, swim in hidden waterfalls, and enjoy panoramic views, making it a memorable experience for adventure seekers.

Camyuva Jeep Safari tour

Camyuva Jeep Safari tour is an exhilarating adventure that takes you through the stunning landscapes of Turkey's Mediterranean coast. Starting from the charming village of Camyuva, the safari offers a unique blend of excitement and nature exploration. You'll traverse rugged terrains, splash through rivers, and ascend picturesque hills, all while enjoying panoramic views of the surrounding mountains and forests. This off-road journey is perfect for thrill-seekers and nature enthusiasts, providing a memorable experience in the heart of nature.

Kiris Jeep Safari

Kiris Jeep Safari offers an exhilarating adventure through the stunning landscapes of Turkey's Antalya region. Participants can explore the rugged terrain of the Taurus Mountains, discovering hidden trails, lush forests, and picturesque villages. The safari provides a unique opportunity to experience local culture and natural beauty up close. With expert guides leading the way, guests can enjoy thrilling off-road driving, breathtaking views, and stops at historical sites, making it a memorable outdoor adventure for all ages.

Jeep Safari in Tekirova

Jeep Safari in Tekirova offers an exhilarating adventure through the stunning landscapes of the Turkish Riviera. Participants can explore the rugged terrain, dense pine forests, and picturesque villages while experiencing the thrill of off-road driving. The safari often includes stops at ancient ruins and secluded beaches, providing a unique blend of natural beauty and historical intrigue. With breathtaking views of the Taurus Mountains and opportunities to swim in crystal-clear waters, Safari tour promises an unforgettable experience for nature and adventure enthusiasts alike.

Kemer Jeep Safari Frequently Asked Questions

  • To reach your destination on the route, you will cover approximately 16 km with stops in the most picturesque corners of the region. The tour starts early in the morning when you are picked up from your hotel and driven to the starting point. The jeeps pass through scenic mountain trails where you can see magnificent views of the Taurus Mountains and the Mediterranean Sea. A stop at the waterfall allows you to refresh yourself and take memorable photos. The journey continues through traditional Turkish villages, where you can get to know the local culture and taste the national cuisine. The road ends at one of the swimming locations in Kemer, where you can relax and swim in the crystal clear water.
  • Off-road jeep safaris offer exhilarating adventures through rugged terrain. Start by gearing up with sturdy shoes, sunglasses, and sunscreen. During the ride, absorb panoramic vistas of untouched landscapes and keep an eye out for wildlife. Engage in photography to capture natural beauty and enjoy pit stops for snacks amidst breathtaking scenery. Participate in local culture by interacting with guides who share insightful stories. Finally, unwind post-safari with a hearty meal, recounting thrilling moments with fellow enthusiasts.
  • This tour is absolutely safe for children of any age, since the car drivers are true professionals and follow all driving rules; the routes are laid through mountainous areas and public roads. At the legislative level, drivers are required to ensure the safety of children on rough terrain and strictly adhere to safety rules on off-road and public roads.
  • On a dynamic jeep safari in Kemer, you should go in extremely comfortable and preferably seamless clothing so as not to cling to the numerous branches that will be encountered along the way. Shoes should be comfortable and tightly covering the entire foot. It is worth wearing a hat on your head, which can reliably protect from the sun. It is highly recommended to take with you a sunblock, as well as a light cape that covers your shoulders from the unwanted influence of aggressive sunlight.
  • Experience the rugged charm of Kemer on an off-road tour through its quaint traditional Turkish villages. Uncover the authentic lifestyles nestled amid picturesque landscapes. Traverse the terrain with skilled guides, venturing into lesser-known paths that unveil the region's rich cultural tapestry. Absorb the tranquil ambiance and interact with locals, gaining insights into their traditional practices and daily routines. This journey offers a unique perspective on Kemer, blending adventure with cultural discovery for an enriching experience off the beaten path.
  • The Taurus Mountains near Kemer offer a breathtaking vista of rugged terrain and lush greenery, attracting nature enthusiasts and adventure seekers alike. This majestic range boasts peaks reaching over 3,000 meters, adorned with pine forests and dotted with quaint villages that preserve traditional Turkish culture. The area is ideal for hiking and trekking, with trails catering to all skill levels, from leisurely strolls to challenging ascents. Wildlife thrives here, from endemic species to migratory birds, adding to the allure of this natural paradise. Visitors can indulge in local cuisine at mountain lodges or experience the warmth of hospitality in village homestays, gaining a deeper appreciation for the region's rich heritage. Whether seeking solitude among pristine landscapes or capturing panoramic views from high altitudes, the Taurus Mountains promise an unforgettable escape into Turkey's natural wonders.

  • Gedelme Castle in Kemer offers a fascinating glimpse into Turkey's historical heritage. Nestled amidst rugged terrain, this ancient fortress stands as a testament to medieval architecture, boasting sturdy stone walls and commanding towers. Visitors marvel at its strategic location, providing panoramic views of the surrounding landscape. The castle's rich history unfolds through remnants of past civilizations etched into its weathered stones, inviting contemplation of the region's turbulent past. Today, it serves as a cultural landmark, drawing history enthusiasts and adventurers keen to delve into Turkey's storied past.
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