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Jeep Safari in Kemer

Jeep Safari in Kemer is a great tour. You can book a tour at any time. Check out every day. Thanks to the professionalism of our guide, the tour will begin in the first seconds after the departure and take place in a relaxed atmosphere. That is why reviews of our jeep safari are the most positive.

Jeep Safari in Kemer price list

Age Range tour Price
 1 Adult 15
 1 Children (6-12) 10
 1 Infants (0-5) 0

Tavriya Mountains,The unique Chinar tree,the mountain village of Gödelme,Green Canyon,Turkish cuisine

Jeep Safari in Kemer What you have to know

Tour days Every day
Tour hours 09:30 - 15:30
Includes transfer, insurance, lunch
Excludes drinks, cave (2 €)
Recommended Headgear, sunglasses; swimsuit or swimming trunks, towel

Jeep Safari in Kemer Tour schedule

  • Transferring tourists from hotels with comfortable bus

  • Ascent to an altitude of about 2000 meters

  • Several stops for photos and videos: antique fortress, tree Çinar, the valley of blue cedars, etc.

  • A visit to a Turkish village and lunch

  • A visit to the cave (depth 100m.)

  • Oymapynar reservoir (30 min. For swim)

  • Return to the hotel

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Route scheme and description


Jeep Safari in Kemer completely fills the gaps. This is a unique opportunity to see a wonderful, legendary country in all its pristine beauty, admire mountain landscapes and woodlands and just get a lot of positive emotions. To see these beauties, our travel agency in Kemer offers all tours in the city.

Since Turkey is a country with various sights and attractions for tourists, it is necessary to provide complete and comprehensive information to tourists, and this possibility has been provided to you by our company. All you have to do is enter the website and depending on your taste. Choose the tour you want. We suggest you Rent a Yacht in Kemer to experience happy moments in the Mediterranean Sea.

Turkey introduced strict rules of excursions in connection with coronavirus infection, all tourists and guides are obliged to adhere to innovations, it should be noted that the tour transfer is carefully processed after the tour, all tourists are provided with des. solution and disposable masks, as well as mandatory minimum occupancy of the bus and compliance with the distance between holidaymakers.

The Jeep Safari in Kemer is safe, so the tour is quite suitable not only for adults but also for small inquisitive tourists. The cost of a tour today is relatively low.

At an altitude of more than 1,500 meters above sea level, you will see all the beauty of the Tavriya Mountains, you can enjoy the wonderfully clean air. The unique Chinar tree, which has been growing for many centuries in the mountain village of Gödelme, will not leave anyone indifferent. According to historical data, it was planted in about 500 g BC (before the birth of Christ).

Nearby is the ancient fortress, or rather what is preserved to this day. But the spectacle is all the same exciting. Oymapinar reservoir with its turquoise waters and the Green Canyon is another place that will forever remain in the hearts of tourists, it is worth seeing it once. Surrounded by rocks, it has a truly majestic view.

Lovers of tasty and satisfying meals will be able to fully appreciate the Turkish cuisine at lunch in the local village. The distance from Kemer to Gödelme is about 16 km.

You are on a safari tour in Kemer, not only learn a lot of new and interesting things for yourself, get acquainted with the locals, plunge into the world of days gone by, see a living witness to events happening here for thousands of years, but also get a lot of impressions, emotions, feel unity with nature. Rest in Kemer for you will be varied and unforgettable!

As part of the tour Jeep Safari in Kemer provided:

gathering willing from hotels; the rise of the gong serpentine to a height of 2,000 meters above sea level; stops in the most interesting places for video and photo shooting: the fortress, the legendary tree Chinar, etc .; stop in a Turkish village, lunch; a cave, the depth of which is 100 m - visit at will; swimming in the Oymaynar reservoir (30 min.); transfer to hotels.

Tips to Jeep Safari in Kemer:

  • Wear clothes for a walk, which is not sorry to get dirty, as the jeeps are open and while driving there is a chance to get dirty.
  • We recommend to go on a tour already in bathing suits, because on the route you will find water wars, travel on small streams and a lot of splashes.
  • Don't forget to wear a cap and close your shoulders so that after a great day, do not suffer with burns.

Jeep Safari in Kemer Frequently Asked Questions

  • The exciting jeep safari in Kemer will take you about 16 kilometers to your destination with several stops in the most picturesque places in the region. The target will be the settlement of Gedelme. The route and distance on the way can also be changed and adjusted by the guide.
  • The car, which follows the route of a busy jeep safari in Kemer, can accommodate no more than 8 people, which makes a trip with a narrow circle of friends very comfortable and free. Families with small children can sit in the seats immediately behind the driver for comfort.
  • A jeep safari excursion in Kemer is absolutely safe for children of any age, since car drivers are real professionals and follow all driving rules, routes are laid along mountainous terrain and public roads.
  • On a dynamic jeep safari in Kemer, you should go in extremely comfortable and preferably seamless clothing so as not to cling to the numerous branches that will be encountered along the way. Shoes should be comfortable and tightly covering the entire foot. It is worth wearing a hat on your head, which can reliably protect from the sun. It is highly recommended to take with you a sunblock, as well as a light cape that covers your shoulders from the unwanted influence of aggressive sunlight.
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