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Picnic and fishing on the Ulupinar

Picnic and fishing on the Ulupinar price list

Age Range tour Price
 1 Adult 22
 1 Children (7-12) 10
 1 Infants (0-6) 0

Fish in the clear waters,Cozy resort town,Ancient trees,Mount Olympus,The crystal clear river,Taurus Mountains

Picnic and fishing on the Ulupinar What you have to know

Tour days Every day (two times in day)
Tour hours 09:00 - 14:30 or 15:30 - 21:00
Includes grilled lamb, fish, rice, salad, local traditional alcoholic drinks, tea, water, juice, Fanta, cola; providing fishing rods and bait, transfer, insurance
Excludes other personal expenses
Recommended bathing suits, towels

Picnic and fishing on the Ulupinar Tour schedule

Transfer tourists from hotels.

Arrival in Ulıpınar

Information about the tour, the distribution of fishing rods and bait, fishing is given 1.5 hours

Lunch or dinner (menu: fish, salad, lamb on the grill, rice, local alcoholic beverages, water, cola, Fanta, tea, juice)

Return to the hotel

Check out is done daily. Buy an excursion Picnic and fishing in Kemer can be in advance, but you can on the day of arrival online. Having been in this amazing, pristine place, you will get unforgettable impressions, a good mood, a lot of interesting and useful information, and just relax.

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Route scheme and description


A picnic and fishing excursion to Ulupınar from Kemer is a great opportunity to spend time in the open air, breathe in the fresh air, admire the beauty of the surrounding landscapes, taste delicious local dishes, and, of course, fish in the clear waters of the river. Ulupınar is a picturesque, cozy resort town that attracts the attention of tourists, especially those who like to fish in peace and quiet.

Turkish authorities open the tourists season, despite the coronavirus, according to this rules are introduced, all transfers are mandatorily disinfected after each trip, tourists are provided with the necessary number of disinfectants and disposable masks, as well as a convincing request to observe the distance and protect their health.

My Kemer Tours gives you the most popular Kemer 2021 excursions. You can also check out and book a rafting tour from Kemer to have more thrill and fun with your family.

The shadows of the crowns of ancient trees, the sounds of falling water, bring about pacification. Here you will not find huge waterfalls, but everywhere there are small thresholds. The distance from Kemer to Ulypynar is only 30 kilometers. The town is located on the slope of Mount Olympus. The crystal clear river, which is home to delicious fish, originates from the peaks of the Taurus Mountains. For centuries, the locals caught fish in it and even fenced off small outlets for its breeding. At the present time, trout caught here is shipped to the best hotels in the country.

Picnic and fishing in Kemer - Ulupınar - Local people are also not indifferent to this unique place. Most of them are avid fishermen. Here, in the shadow of the green branches, is a real paradise for them. As for vacationers, in this case, they can not only fish but also just relax - lie on the couch on the platform near the river or walk along the coast along the alleys created by nature. The cost of the trip is consistent with the quality of rest. It is recommended to make money with you on a trip to pay for additional services, each of which has its own price.

Picnic and fishing in Kemer is a break from the usual resort life and standard passive beach time. We recommend taking with you a photo and a video camera, which will give you the opportunity to make you smart pictures or make videos for a memory of the rest.

Did you know that: there are so many museums in the world dedicated to different subjects. One such is museums about fishing. For example, one of them is in Yekaterinburg. Here are the gears of different eras that influenced the evolution of the development of fisheries.