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Rafting in Kemer

Rafting in Kemer - only the most positive, although many tourists initially consider it a rather dangerous occupation. If you carefully listen to the rules of conduct and instructions, also strictly follow the recommendations of an experienced guide-instructor

Rafting in Kemer price list

Age Range tour Price
 1 Adult 13
 1 Children (7-12) 7
 1 Infants (0-6) 0

Taurus Mountains,Köprülü Canyon National Park,Picturesque landscapes,Ancient bridge,Turkish cuisine,an English-speaking guide

Rafting in Kemer What you have to know

Tour days Every day
Tour hours 08:00 - 18:00
Includes transfer, lunch, instructor, equipment.
Excludes drinks, shooting on camera, rubber shoes
Recommended Water, non-falling shoes, a vest T-shirt and non-slip shorts, sunglasses and a cream; swimsuit or swimming trunks, towel; change of clothes.

Rafting in Kemer Tour schedule

  • Transfer tourists from hotels.

  • Meeting at the Köprülü canyon at 11:00.

  • Tourists change clothes and receive brief technical information.

  • After receiving life jackets and helmets, tourists climb to the starting point, where the distribution of boats. You can raft on 8 local or 2 local boats.

  • River rafting (2.5 - 3 hours).

  • During the rafting, there will be 2 stops, the first 30 minutes, the second 15 minutes Lunch.

  • Return to the hotel

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Route scheme and description


Rafting in Kemer is the number one excursion for tourists who love exciting adventures. Despite the powerful adrenaline rush that everyone will receive as they pass through the rapids of a mountain river, this entertainment is absolutely safe for adults and even for very young children. The address of entertaining excursions in Kemer is our company My Kemer Tours

Rafting in Kemer on rubber raft boats, more than 14 km long, takes place in a picturesque area of the region - Köprülü Canyon National Park. Here, high in the Taurus Mountains originates the crystal-clear river Köprü çay. The river flow is not too high, so even tourists without experience and special preparation are allowed to trip.

Usually, visitors rafting, prefer more diving in Kemer which are given in the village of Kemer

The degree of complexity of the alloy is one of the lowest (3 - according to the international classification system).

Rafting from Kemer will start from the point of the general start of all boats, under the control of a professional instructor who will manage the rubber raft. Along the way, you are waiting for the picturesque landscapes of the national natural park, amazing panoramas of mountains and forests.

You can make amazing shots on the background of waterfalls or the ruins of the ancient bridge. Passing through the mountain rapids and passes, the boat will lift a heap of splashes, and the cool water of the mountain river perfectly rescues from the exhausting summer heat. During one of the halts, guests will enjoy a delicious and hearty lunch of Turkish cuisine.

The boat capacity is up to 10 people. You can also go raft on a double kayak boat under the control of an instructor. Book a tour, the price of which - 13 €, can be any day. For convenience, we recommend bringing shoes that fit tightly on the foot.

In the program includes: Free transfer from the hotel, entrance tickets, escort of an English-speaking guide-instructor, special insurance, instructing in boat management, protective equipment (helmets and life jackets), lunch,

Additional charges to Rafting in Kemer: drinks, photo / video.

In connection with the pandemic of coronavirus infection, Turkey takes care of tourists, for this introduced strict rules on distance compliance, the minimum occupancy of excursion transfers, the availability of antiseptic means in the open access, and disposable masks.

Interesting fact about Rafting in Kemer: Surprisingly, rafts - special inflatable boats for rafting, appeared long before this kind of entertainment and sport appeared. It all started during the Vietnam War, when the military used rafts and rafting on the river to ferry cargo. On one of the usual day of cargo crossing, one boat from the entire column broke off and it was carried into the rapids, it is believed that this is how Rafting was born.

Rafting in Kemer Frequently Asked Questions

  • Extreme rafting on the river is possible only for children from 5 years old in the presence of parents or accompanying persons. The ability to swim independently is not a prerequisite for visiting rafting in Kemer, because the group is accompanied by an instructor, and all participants are dressed in protective equipment and life jackets.
  • Rafting from Kemer goes along the high-speed Kopryuchay river, its length is as much as 11 kilometers. The group will cover this distance with several stops in the most picturesque places of the national nature park.
  • Rafting in Kemer is completely safe. The whole river is safe for swimming and the risk of injury is completely negated. Moreover, the guests are constantly monitored by an instructor who has amazing physical data and is able to understand that something went wrong even before the trouble happens. This fun is absolutely safe, because before the start, each participant will hear detailed instructions from the curator, as well as put on wetsuits and protective helmets.
  • Boarding on rubber raft boats can only be done with children from 5 years old, so babies under this age will have to watch the dynamic action from the land.
  • Clothing should fit snugly to the body, there should be no excess fabric that could catch on the corners, and women's hair should be gathered in a tight bun or braided. You need to take light sports shorts and a T-shirt made of quick-drying fabric, comfortable sports shoes that you will not mind getting wet. It is necessary to take a light cape that will protect your arms and shoulders from the scorching sun. It is also worth protecting your head from sunstroke with a scarf or summer cap.
  • It is also very important to take care of the things you need to take with you. All tourists planning to visit rafting from Kemer will definitely need a swimsuit, change of clothes, slippers that fit tightly on their feet, a towel and cream to protect from the sun's rays.
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