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Picnic and fishing on the lake Karacaören Kemer

Picnic and fishing on the lake Karacaören Kemer price list

Age Range tour Price
 1 Adult 30
 1 Children (7-12) 13
 1 Infants (0-6) 0

Karacaören,Black Soul,The Aksu River,Free transfer,Breakfast

Picnic and fishing on the lake Karacaören Kemer What you have to know

Tour days Every day
Tour hours 07:30 - 15:30
Includes transfer, lunch, breakfast, local alcoholic drinks, fishing equipment.
Excludes personal expenses
Recommended Swimsuits and towels

Picnic and fishing on the lake Karacaören Kemer Tour schedule

Pick up tourists from hotels

Arrival to Karacaören

Information about the excursion, the distribution of fishing rods and bait, that is given 2.5 hours

Lunch or dinner (menu: fish soup, lettuce, lamb or trout, local alcoholic beverages, water, cola, Fanta, tea, juice)

Return to the hotel

If you are with children, then they will find something to do. They will have a great time on a special site, where they will be under the supervision of staff. Excursion Picnic and fishing on the lake Karacaören for trout (Kemer) for the whole family. This tour is suitable for all guests

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Route scheme and description


Picnic and Fishing in Karajaaoren Lake are one of the best tours that you can get calm and happy. My Kemer Tours in the 2021 season in Turkey offers the most popular and best back tours at a reasonable price.

Attention! Due to the events associated with the spread of coronavirus in Turkey, we take care of the safety of our tourists, so all shuttle buses will be filled by 50%, the occupancy of restaurants and beaches is also reduced. There are disinfectants and protective masks in the transport cabins.

You can also check out and book a rafting tour from Kemer to have more thrill and fun with your family.

Karacaören is an amazingly beautiful place worth visiting while on holiday in Turkey. An excursion picnic and fishing on Lake Karacaoren from Kemer at a relatively low cost will open up the nature of Turkey from a new perspective. Thanks to this fascinating tour you can combine an amazing journey with the ability to fish in the unusually clean waters of a mountain reservoir.

Karadjaoren or “Black Soul” is a reservoir located in the lower reaches of the Aksu River, forty minutes from all the famous Antalya. The distance from Kemer to Karadjaoren is 200 km. In fact, two lakes - the lower and upper. From all sides, they are surrounded by the Tauride Mountains, the rocks of which are covered with virgin forest. A popular tourist spot is different.

Hunting for trout here mainly takes place on rafts towed to a sufficiently large distance from the coastal zone. People who came here on their own can fish from a boat or directly from the shore. The pond is deep enough. In some places, its depth is about 80 meters. There are also enclosures in which fish are bred. These are large areas and nets placed at a certain distance from the shore, fastened together in groups.

Arriving in this amazing corner of nature, you seem to be transported to a completely different world, measurement, and get the most out of communication with the wildlife of the Mediterranean Sea. Hunting can not be unsuccessful. There is a lot of fish in the central part of the lake, and you will surely catch a carp or a crucial, or maybe carp. If you decide to travel with children, then they will find something to do. They will have a great time on a special site, where they will be under the supervision of staff.

The program of an exciting picnic and fishing on the lake includes the transfer of guests from hotels; arrival at the lake; briefing, 2.5 hours for swimming in the lake, and hunting. Lunch consisting of several dishes. Delicious fish soup, fresh salad, lamb meat or freshly caught trout, cooked on the grill, local alcoholic beverages, soft drinks (juice, Fanta, tea, cola, water);

The price of a picnic and fishing on the lake Karacaören includes: Free transfer, insurance, breakfast, lunch, drinks, hunting equipment

Extra charges: personal expenses

It is interesting to know: snacking in nature has existed since the time of primitive man. The tribes ate meat, toasted on fire. The birth of such a concept as a picnic appeared a long time ago, even before the word itself. As for the word itself, it is of French origin, although the very idea of resting in nature came up with the British. They believed that at least 35 different dishes should be present at the picnic.