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Private Boat Trip in Kemer

Private Boat Trip in Kemer

Private Boat Trip in Kemer Antalya is one of the most demanded tours in the region, since it combines a sea tour of the Mediterranean Sea and a lot of historical locations on its way, which should be visited by any tourist in Kemer.

Private Boat Trip in Kemer price list

Age Range tour Price
 1 Adult 85

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Private Boat Trip in Kemer What you have to know

Tour days Every day
Tour hours 08:00 - 20:00
Includes Accompanying guide and captain, a car from the hotel and back, a boat trip with stops, lunch and insurance
Excludes Personal expenses
Recommended Comfortable shoes and clothing, sun protection, bathing suits

Private Boat Trip in Kemer Tour schedule

  • For Private boat trip in Kemer Antalya the following is only an approximate tour plan. Any client can create their own itinerary.

  • Comfortable and fast transfer by modern cars to the bay of the city directly from the clients' hotel.

  • Choosing a vessel, meeting the captain of the ship and boarding a wonderful yacht.

  • The beginning of the excursion with a short skiing along the coast of Kemer and drawing up a route with a guide according to the wishes of the guest.

  • Making stops where the client wishes, free time for swimming in the sea and leisure.

  • Stop for a rest and lunch of the finest Turkish food.

  • Moving to the ancient city of Phaselis, which is located near the coast, free time for inspection and photo sessions.

  • Arrival at the bay and return to the hotel.

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Private Boat Trip in Kemer specification


Private Boat Trip in Kemer Antalya is one of the most popular requests for tourists in Kemer, as it is one of the most profitable offers in the region, combining an exciting and dynamic sea tour with a trip to the open Mediterranean Sea and visits to the best places of the city, accompanied by stories from the most experienced and talented English speaking guides.

Private Boat Trip in Kemer: who should book this tour.

Renting an private yacht in Kemer for the whole day is a great way to comfortably get to know Kemer and its amazing heritage. This tour is ideal for travelers who do not like going on excursions with strangers and want the full attention of the guide and captain. Also, the purchase of this sea tour is very suitable for opponents of long walks, because on the yacht you can relax, sunbathe and generally do whatever the client wants.

Private yacht in Turkey with a captain has a number of advantages that should be clearly stated:

  • First of all, it is absolute mobility and the ability to independently choose the route program. An experienced guide and captain will be happy to help you create the best travel route with the right number of stops and activities that will please the client.
  • This tour offers tremendous time savings, as it will help avoid visiting those locations that are not of interest to the guests of the program. The route will run only through the places they need.
  • A good opportunity to save money. Contrary to the popular belief that a private yacht is the lot of wealthy tourists, it is worth noting that, firstly, there are a variety of price solutions in the arsenal of possible options for renting yachts. Secondly, such tours are usually booked by large groups of close friends or families, so you can easily divide the cost of the trip among several people. Usually renting a small motor yacht starts at $ 150. Such a tour will become an outlet for tourists who do not like to be around unfamiliar people.
  • There is a unique opportunity to organize any festive event on board the yacht. Birthdays, engagements and anniversaries will be an unforgettable experience in such a picturesque place, and will remain in the memory for a lifetime.

Private Boat Trip: where to go as part of a sea tour in Kemer.

Private Boat Trip in Kemer offers to first ride along the picturesque city coast, explore its beaches and coastal locations, and perhaps even go to see the ancient city of Phaselis. Such a tour is also worth booking for those clients who like exclusively sea entertainment. On board you can sunbathe, go sea fishing, celebrate important dates for our clients, you can go to the open sea and swim in the azure clear waters. Particularly noteworthy is the beautiful Kirish Bay, where novice divers love to dive with scuba diving. It is perfectly protected from winds and currents and is the safest bay with the clearest water.

Goynuk private boat trip

An private yacht tour Goynuk is the most vivid and authentic memory of a summer vacation, because a refreshing sea ride along the most beautiful locations in the region cannot leave any tourist indifferent. Renting a yacht is an opportunity to plunge into a real fun summer in the company of your closest people.

Beldibi private boat tour

A private yacht tour from Beldibi is the perfect journey for clients who love comfort, privacy and only the best locations in the region. This is a tour for VIP clients who are not ready to share a personal captain and guide with a group and want a complete immersion in the history of the city and an exquisite sea vacation.

Private yacht tour ın Camyuva Antalya

A private yacht tou from Camyuva Antalya will give an amazing opportunity to make the most eventful and convenient tour in the life of any tourist, since this particular tour allows you to choose the direction of travel and stops on your own or with the help of a guide. You will visit only the best and most iconic locations in the region, which will allow you to immerse yourself in its ancient history.

Kirish private boat trips

Renting a private yacht in Kiris is the best tour for lovers of new places and avid explorers of both the depths and local attractions that stretch along the coastline. So, during the tour, you can see ancient cities and their ruins, local beaches and unprecedented beauty views from the bow of a snow-white yacht.

Tekirova private boat tour

Private boat trip from Tekirova will allow you to comfortably ride along the picturesque coastline of the Kemer region, as well as go out into the open sea, where you can go fishing, swim in the purest azure water and get an even noble tan with many photos. This is a journey for those who value comfort and quality rest.

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