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Antalya Aquarium from Kemer

Antalya Aquarium from Kemer

Antalya Aquarium from Kemer is a great place to be. Visit Antalya Oceanarium from Kemer will be an unforgettable adventure and a very informative event, which you will remember for a long time. Especially enjoy the walk children. Inquisitive young tourists will not disregard any of the underwater inhabitants

Antalya Aquarium from Kemer price list

Age Range tour Price
 1 Adult 50
 1 Children (3-11) 45
 1 Infants (0-2) 0

The beauty of the underwater,The sunken city,The Ocean XD cinema,Snow World,A comfortable,air-conditioned bus,Antalya Aquarium from Kemer

Antalya Aquarium from Kemer What you have to know

Tour days Tuesday, Wednesday, Saturday
Tour hours 09:00 - 13:30
Includes transfer, pass ticket
Excludes snow room, terrarium, XD Cinema
Recommended personal expenses

Antalya Aquarium from Kemer Tour schedule

  • Transfer tourists from hotels.

  • Arrival at the aquarium

  • Arrival at the aquarium at 10:00

  • Free time 2.5 hours

  • At 12:30, gathering tourists by bus

  • Return to the hotel

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Antalya Aquarium from Kemer specification


Antalya Aquarium from Kemer - What can compare with the beauty of the underwater world, with which you can get acquainted with the excursion to the Oceanarium. The road does not seem difficult or long, despite the fact that the distance from Kemer to Antalya is about 50 km. A comfortable, air-conditioned bus will take you to your destination.

If you are interested in seeing sea creatures and feel good about interacting with them, we have a wonderful offer for you. You can experience memorable moments by booking a swim with dolphins tour.

Antalya Aquarium was opened in 2012 on August 15. Since then, he has been visited daily by a huge number of tourists. The building has an area of 15,000 square meters and contains forty aquariums. In them, you can see 10,000 species of fish and other marine inhabitants. The panoramic tunnel has a length of 131 meters and a width of 3 meters.

It is divided into three separate parts. In the tropical zone, you will see a tropical reef and cave, as well as an underwater view of the tropics. The second zone is the sunken city and the ship. The view that opens to your gaze will excite your imagination and take you to the distant past. The longest zone is fish and underwater creatures. Here you will see well-known sea creatures and strange creatures.

In addition to the main zones, there are other equally interesting places, visiting which is not included in the total cost of the tour. These include a children's play area, a diver’s school, the Ocean XD cinema, cafes and restaurants, exhibition halls, and much more.

If you are tired of the heat and you want to get a portion of frosty freshness, you can always visit the amazing pavilion "Snow World", the temperature of which is -5 degrees. Before entering you will receive warm clothes and mittens. Inside there is an opportunity to play snowballs or make a snowman. Nobody will be indifferent to the village of Santa Claus, especially it will delight young visitors to the aquarium. Ticket prices are quite low.

Buy a ticket for a tour Antalya Aquarium from Kemer can be right on the day of departure. Trips are carried out daily from 9:00 to 13:00

Antalya Aquarium from Kemer: interesting facts:

  • The first aquarium was built in England in the distant 19th century. Among its inhabitants there is a record holder and a centenarian. The female eel named Pati lived for 88 years.
  • The most luxurious aquarium in the world is the Golden Dragon, the cost of its construction is 5 million. Dollars. Its main feature is that it is made of pure gold.
  • The largest aquarium in the world is located in China, in the city of Chuhai. Its volume is 49 million liters of water, which is a record to date.

Aquarium Antalya from Goynuk

Aquarium Antalya from Goynuk - you have no idea how interesting and diverse the underwater world of the seas and oceans. Of course, you can open Google or encyclopedia and black out information from there, but it is much more interesting to see everything with your own eyes and understand that our treasure is the world around us and our planet as a whole.

Excursion to the Antalya Aquarium from Beldibi

Excursion to the Antalya Aquarium from Beldibi - take a walk on the seabed, surrounded by thousands of exotic fish, sharks and huge rays. And do not forget the children, because such a lesson of zoology they just like!

Tour of the Antalya Aquarium from Camyuva

Tour of the Antalya Aquarium from Camyuva - visit Europe's largest aquarium in the shape of a tunnel, it contains marine life from around the world. In addition, the aquarium has a snow room: winter, cold, snowy - children will be delighted.

The Aquarium and tour of Antalya from Kiris

The Aquarium and tour of Antalya from Kiris is a rich tour, the main attraction of which is the largest tunnel aquarium in Europe, representing the marine fauna of the world. At the end of the tour, the band will walk through the old city of Antalya.

Antalya Aquarium from Tekirova

Antalya Aquarium from Tekirova - we do not even know what will be waiting for your children - meeting with stingrays and sharks or a snow room to roll down the hill and leave the snowballs. Both are in this wonderful aquarium.

Antalya Aquarium from Kemer Frequently Asked Questions

  • The interesting aquarium in Antalya from Kemer can be easily reached by tourist bus or by yourself by public transport. To do this, you need to board any Kemer bus going to Antalya and stop at Hillside Su. It is here that the famous oceanarium is located.
  • The cost of the entrance ticket to the Antalya Aquarium from Kemer for an adult is $ 55, and for children under 7 years old - $ 50. The cost of the visit may change depending on many factors, therefore, before booking a tour, we recommend that you clarify the current prices in advance.
  • The magnificent tunnel aquarium in the Antalya Aquarium from Kemer never ceases to delight its visitors, because it has three amazing zones, namely tropical reefs, where only the fauna of warm tropical currents is found, the Atlantis zone, where a giant ship is located, recreated from ancient ruins, and around dolphins swim briskly here, as well as the submarine zone, where the most dangerous species of fish and even giant sharks are found. In addition, there is a first-of-its-kind 3D cinema on site, where you can fully enjoy the immersion in the mystical depths.
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