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Demre-Myra-Kekova from Kemer

Demre-Myra-Kekova from Kemer is quite insignificant, therefore this excursion is suitable even for families with children. If you want to visit holy places and make a fascinating journey to places that are fraught with many mysteries and secrets of Orthodoxy.

Demre-Myra-Kekova from Kemer price list

Age Range tour Price
 1 Adult 21
 1 Children (3-7) 11
 1 Infants (0-2) 0

Visit the places,The ancient city,The Church of St. Nicholas,Greco-Roman theater,Lycian sarcophagi

Demre-Myra-Kekova from Kemer What you have to know

Tour days Tuesday, Thursday, Sunday
Tour hours 08:00 - 17:30
Includes transfer, guide (English), lunch, entrance to Mira, boat trip
Excludes drinks, pass ticket to the church
Recommended sunglasses; swimsuit or swimming trunks, a towel. Money to pay for additional services

Demre-Myra-Kekova from Kemer Tour schedule

  • Transfer tourists from hotels.

  • Breakfast (lunch box from the hotel).

  • The antique city of the world with an amphitheater

  • The motherland of SV. Nicholas city Demre. St.Nicholas Church (Nicholas the Wonderworker)

  • Stop for lunch at the restaurant

  • Boat trip on the sunken city of Kekova

  • Back to hotel

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Route scheme and description


Demre-Myra-Kekova from Kemer is a great opportunity to visit one of the first centers of origin and spread of Christianity. Choosing this walk, you can make a pilgrimage tour to the holy places and visit the places where St. Nicholas the Wonderworker lived and preached - the progenitor of the image of Santa Claus. You can safely say that My Kemer Tours offers the most affordable prices for excursions from Kemer
The price of the Demre-Myra-Kekova excursion from Kemer is quite democratic because the tour program is very rich and consists of three key attractions:

  • pilgrimage to the places where Nikolai the Wanderer preached,
  • acquaintance with the ancient city of the World and its ruins of surviving buildings,
  • boat trip on a yacht in the sunken city of Kekova, most of which went under the water hundreds of years ago.

Demre-Myra-Kekova from Kemer, Demre is one of the most visited cities in Turkey. Here he spent the last years of his life the famous preacher and saint - Nikolai from Patras. Here you will see the Church of St. Nicholas the Wonderworker, which was destroyed by an earthquake but was later restored. Here is the house where he spent the last years of his life, and on the church grounds, there is a marble sarcophagus, in which, according to legends, St. Nicholas was buried.

Few people know about Demre-Myra-Kekova from Kemerthat: the miracle worker St. Nicholas Ugodnik was buried in the city of Demre in the church in which he preached. His sarcophagus is still there today. However, in the 17th century, pirates attacked the city and stole its remains, and later sold them to the Church of Naples, which is located in Italy, where they remained. So the sarcophagus is still a place of power.

The ruins of the ancient city of the world are famous for their Lycian tombs - the largest in all of Turkey. They were carved into the rocks especially for the most senior and wealthy inhabitants of the ancient city. According to ancient legends, the souls of those who are buried in the rock tombs, immediately go to heaven. The ruins of the ancient Greco-Roman theater and other buildings of the Roman Empire are also well preserved here.

If you are interested to see historical places our company recommends you, Pamukkale tour from Kemer one day.

Demre-Myra-Kekova from Kemer - one of the islands of the Mediterranean Sea, which during the First World War was the subject of disputes between Italy and Turkey. In its northern part, you can find the ruins of the ancient city of Dolkhiste. In the 2nd century AD, This settlement was completely destroyed by an earthquake, and all the buildings were partially submerged. Houses and large buildings rise above the water, but most of the structures are located below the water level. The coastline of the island is dotted with antique artifacts and objects of ancient times. During a walk on a yacht, through the glass windows at the bottom of the ship, you will see marble stairs and columns, the ruins of houses and city buildings, the ruins of the ancient port, and even Lycian sarcophagi.

To protect tourists and service personnel from coronavirus infection, maximum measures are taken, social distance is observed, antiseptic means and disposable masks are freely available by exactly half.

Demre-Myra-Kekova from Kemer Frequently Asked Questions

  • The distance from Kemer to Demre-Mira-Kekova is very small, and is only 100 km. A tourist bus covers this distance with stops in just a couple of hours, so the journey to these places will not be too tiring and long.
  • This location is located on the map just 150 km from Antalya, washed by the waters of the Mediterranean Sea. All the sights are not too far from each other, and the road to the starting point is very picturesque and full of historical sites, so the excursion to Demre-Mira-Kekova from Kemer begins when boarding the bus.
  • From Kemer to Demre-Mira-Kekov can be reached by tourist bus in just an hour and a half. In addition, you can reach your destination both by private car and by public bus, but it is most convenient to visit these places in the format of an organized excursion with professional Russian-speaking guides.
  • The best time to visit the Demre-Mira-Kekova excursion from Kemer is considered to be the period from late May to early September. It's all about the most comfortable temperature for walking, because it is during these months that the temperature is most favorable.
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