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Parachute Jump In Kemer

Parachute Jump In Kemer
30 May 2021

The parachute jump in Kemer this year again pleases its customers. Two launch pads for paragladeing with different values.

Mount Tahtali, it is the highest peak in all of Turkey, where the height of the jump is 2100 meters. This is not even the case in the mecca of paragliding in Oludesiz, where the famous Babadag Mountain is located. During the flight, tourists will see the snow-capped peaks of Tahtali, the turquoise bays of the village of Tekirova and coniferous forests on the slopes of the mountains. For half an hour you will hover like a bird over the vast Turkish expanses.

The next launch pad for skydiving in Kemer will be Mount Adrasan. Here the height will be smaller, only 1300 meters, but remember this is just the beginning. During the flight, qualified pilots can reach the ascent of up to 2 km or more. And if the client jumps for the first time, then 1300 meters for him will be the best option.

You can make a parachute jump in Kemer every day. The main thing is that the weather did not let down and there were no strong gusts of wind. Time from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m., check-outs are made every hour.

There are also a few other starting points for paraglade in Turkey:

  • Oludenis Resort, Mount Babadag, 3 starts 1700, 1800 and 1900,
  • sunny Alanya, Toros Mountains, 2 starts - 500 and 800,
  • Cappadocia, the village of Chavushin, start from 500 meters with the subsequent ascent to a kilometer.