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Paradise Island Kemer

Paradise Island Kemer
14 May 2021

Suluada was called the paradise island of Kemer for a reason. It would seem remote, you can get exclusively by sea. There are no sights, there were no bloody wars, no powerful empires were built and great people did not live. No one has ever lived on it.

The paradise island of Kemer is uninhabited, there is nothing but a rock of red-orange color, huge boulders, a source of mineral water and two white beaches that are washed by the azure waves of the Mediterranean Sea - it is a real find, attracting its extraordinary beauty to thousands of tourists every year. They also gave it the second name "Turkish Maldives."

By the way, in Turkey there is another place with the same name - crater lake Salda, famous for picturesque landscapes and deposits of healing clay.

The paradise island of Kemer is of volcanic origin, of relatively small size - in length 1.3 km and a maximum width of 350 m. Suluada in Turkish translates as "water", thanks to a spring that beats the key in its heart. Locals believe that water has a therapeutic effect, has a beneficial effect on the body as a whole, and especially on the kidneys - gets rid of stones and sand. The rock is strewn with end-to-end grottoes and caves. Adventurers will enjoy impromptu high-sea jumping competitions and exploring the hidden lakes inside the island.