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Turkish Maldives from Kemer

Turkish Maldives from Kemer
13 Apr 2021

Lake Salda is the deepest freshwater body of water in Turkey, a natural attraction and the object of lust of many sophisticated travelers. why? Looking at the white beach and washing its crystal-clear water surface, painted in a gradient from white to rich blue colors, willy-nilly is associated with the paradise Of Maldives.

The peculiarity of the lake is that it is located at an altitude of 1165 meters above sea level and was formed in the crater of a volcano spewing fiery lava more than 2 million years ago, and has a depth of up to 200 meters. It replenishes its reserves with sediments and underground springs, but has no runoff. The air temperature is 10C lower than in other regions, and water is rarely warmed above 20 C. White, soft sand is an illusion, and the entire surface of the coast consists of hydromagnesite.

Lake Salda is a real outdoor recreational centre. Fresh, mountain air, impregnated with coniferous aroma, has a healing effect on the respiratory organs, and clay, saturated with magnesium and which is so rich in the coast, cures ailments of the musculoskeletal apparatus and skin.

Visiting the Turkish Maldives from Kemer is better in the complex with Pamukkale. Nothing remarkable mountain and remained so, if not for the earthquake, which resulted in a fracture of the tectonic plate and on the surface of the earth were geothermal sources enriched with calcium. Over billions of years, lime deposits have formed steps, terraces, baths in which azure mineral water accumulates. The perfection of nature, which has become a UNESCO world heritage and opens up the Republic of Turkey on a completely different side, beyond the "all inclusive", beaches and hotels.

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