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What tours are working in Turkey

What tours are working in Turkey
14 Apr 2021

Dear tourists, we hurry to tell you the latest news about tourism and leisure in Turkey! To date, the situation is such that Russia stopped air communication with Turkey from April 15 to June 1. The Russian authorities offer to choose another country for rest.

All statistics and news are just teeming with information about the number of patients and so now in every country, but life goes on and all that depends on us is to saturate your body with useful organic products and vitamins, plus sports!

If you are already in Turkey on vacation and are interested in the question of whether excursions work in Turkey, then our answer is yes and there are a lot of people who want to do so. After all, the situation with the virus stretches for the second year and avid tourists are tired of it. Tours take place daily, all tours are available.

Mykemertours is doing everything possible to prevent infection during the tour. To do this, sanitary hours are held after each trip on the bus, the provision of masks during the tour, as well as reduce the number of people in groups. Advice for tourists: Choose outdoor tours! So more chances to have a good time and stay healthy! Take care of yourself!

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