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Where to Go in Kemer Turkey Alone

Where to Go in Kemer Turkey Alone
19 Apr 2021

Kemer is a wonderful resort, arriving in which it is not necessary to limit yourself solely to beach holidays and the territory of the hotel. Despite the fact that the town is small, it has something to see and where to spend time.

  • It is best to start your acquaintance with Kemer by making an evening promenade along the embankment near the port of Marina, which is considered to be the largest in Turkey. Up to 300 ships can be moored at its pier. Small boats, huge snow-white yachts, stylized ships, here come travelers who want to go on a sea trip, or just enjoy the picturesque views and take a couple of selfies. You can also rent a yacht in Kemer with the captain.
  • A section of the famous Lycian trail passes by the village. Fans of hiking can safely follow its signs, which will lead to the ruins of ancient cities: Fazelis and Olympus, the latter lies at the foot of the fiery mountain Janartash. Where else you can go on your own in Kemer Turkey,
  • it's in the Park "Moonlight." It is located near the bay of the same name and occupies a huge area of 55 thousand square meters. It's not just a park area with shady alleys. There are tennis courts, golf courses, a dolphinarium and a cafe.
  • Next to Moonlight Park is the open-air ethnographic museum "Joryuk". Since ancient times, these lands were a wintering place for nomadic Turkic tribes. Now anyone can learn more about the life and life of people that later became indigenous, personally take part in a master class of pottery craft, or ancient technique of weaving carpets and visit the museum of olive oil. For many, this useful product is associated more with Greece and Italy, but it was in the territory of the modern Turkish Republic more than 6,000 years ago, for the first time cultivated an olive tree and began to process its fruits.

That's how independent walks in the sights of Kemer can become not only interesting, but also informative.

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