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Best Resort Villages in Kemer

Best Resort Villages in Kemer is a universal question that everyone who wants to come to this beautiful land should ask themselves

Best Resort Villages in Kemer
12 Aug 2021

Best Resort Villages in Kemer, is the most important question that constantly worries guests and vacationers arriving in the city. The fact is that there is no right answer to it, since each traveler travels with different goals and priorities for their vacation. However, having clarified all the smallest details and expectations, one of the five villages can be called sovereignty.

Kemer which village is better: what can be seen in each village

  • Tekirova is a picturesque and calm area, which is often chosen by couples for leisurely walks on the clean coast and in the local eco-park
  • Beldibi is a fairly affordable area, the main disadvantage of which is a pebble beach, so there will be no tourists with children. In addition, the area is famous for its many sites for active recreation, diving, and in general the nightlife here is boiling quite violently.
  • Camyuva is the culinary "capital" of the region, where you can taste the freshest seafood and enjoy the pristine azure beach. It is here that a million sea fireflies light their lanterns at night.
  • Kirish - located far from noisy restaurants and clubs, this piece of paradise is spread out next to the forest and mountains, and is ready to accept lovers of solitude, who answer the question: "Which village is better in Kemer" answer "calm and remote".
  • Goynuk is a center for both children and adults. It is here that there is a stunning Dino Park and a lot of entertainment for the whole family.