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The dance of dervies in Cappadocia

The dance of dervies in Cappadocia
01 Nov 2020

Resting in Turkey, it is necessary to watch the dance of dervies in Cappadocia. Historically, it is a kind of prayer to God, during which the dervish (Muslim monk) enters a trance and can rotate non-stop for up to 24 hours. The main task of the rite is unity with the Almighty and purification from negative energy. Today it is just a theatrical production for tourists, as close as possible to reality. The action is similar to meditation and begins with a reading of the Koran, followed by songs to the sound of flute and drum. After that, the Dervishes greet each other, throw off their black clothes and stay in the white shrouds. The endless mesmerizing rotation begins. One of the dancer's hands is raised to the sky, the other - reaches for the ground, the body of a man whirls without stopping. At the end of the ceremony, the monks sit on their knees. The ceremony ends with a prayer. You can't take pictures and take pictures, because it's a religious rite.