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Olympos-Chimera-Ulupınar in jeeps from Kemer

Olympos-Chimera-Ulupınar in jeeps from Kemer is a great historic tour. Since departure is carried out daily, you can buy a tour of Olympos-Chimera-Ulupınar from Kemer at any time. Our guides will do everything possible and impossible to keep this day in your memory forever, and the walk became a real event.

Olympos-Chimera-Ulupınar in jeeps from Kemer price list

Age Range tour Price
 1 Adult 22
 1 Children (7-12) 22
 1 Infants (0-6) 0

The cleanest pebble beaches,Mountain Yanartaş,Burning stone,English historians guide

Olympos-Chimera-Ulupınar in jeeps from Kemer What you have to know

Tour days Every day
Tour hours 16:00 - 22:30
Includes transfer, insurance, entrance, dinner
Excludes drinks
Recommended Swimwear and towels

Olympos-Chimera-Ulupınar in jeeps from Kemer Tour schedule

  • transfer from hotels by bus;

  • jeeps transplant in the village of Çaralı;

  • stay and swim at Olympos beach (40 minutes);

  • visit the ancient city of Olympos (30 minutes);

  • climbing Chimera mountain, to a height of 900 meters (1 hour);

  • dinner at a restaurant in Ulıpınar (from 30 to 40 minutes);

  • transfer to hotels

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Route scheme and description


Olympos-Chimera-Ulupınar in jeeps from Kemer is a good opportunity to enjoy the beauty of the surroundings and avoid standard shopping trips. In this case, comfort and extreme are combined, an opportunity to get to know more closely the places to be visited. Olympos-Chimera-Ulupınar in jeeps from Kemer is a great historic tour.

Turkey is a paradise for tourists and coronavirus is not a hindrance, just adhere to strict rules and holidaymakers and attendants: regularly disinfect hands and objects, be sure to wear a mask, keep your distance.

For those who have little time at the Mediterranean coast, they can choose a more compact tour to Cappadocia from Kemer for two days, by English historians guide also

A real adventure awaits you because you will ride on comfortable open jeeps with a Olympos-Chimera-Ulupınar in jeeps from Kemer. Such a walk will give everyone a good mood and will be remembered for a long time. With experienced drivers, your route will be safe. The tour will begin with the fact that we will pick you up from the hotel on a comfortable transfer, and then transfer to jeeps. The wild beauty of nature and the route through the mountain serpentine will add thrills and make a lasting impression. Our guides, who are fluent in English, will tell you so many things interesting about tours. You will get acquainted with popular places-attractions, visit fruit plantations, where you can taste the freshly plucked fruit. Fresh air in the mountains will have a positive impact on your health. A clean river that will meet you on the way with cool water will help you cool down.


Olympos is one of the cleanest pebble beaches in the world, which is 4 km long. It is surrounded by pine forests, so the rich coniferous aroma soars in the air. In the immediate vicinity, there are many medieval and ancient ruins and a national park. Another feature is sea turtles, which are born here annually. It is possible that you are lucky to see them personally.

Cirali (Olympos) - Lycian city, which appeared in the 3rd c. BC er Patron his god of fire Hephaestus. Nearby is the mountain Chimera. Cirali was located on the banks of a large navigable river at that time. The ruins of individual buildings survive to this day.

Chimera or mountain Yanartaş, which means "burning stone." According to legend, a monster lived on it, having a lion's head and neck, a serpent's tail, and a goat’s body. Bellerophon became his killer. Despite this, the Chimera's tongue is still visible on the mountain top today. In fact, in view of the natural features, small lights and whole fires burn on the surface of the mountain for many millennia, which looks particularly impressive in the dark. That is why the ascent to the mountain within the Olympos-Chimera-Ulupınar tour from Kemer is carried out when it starts to get dark on the street.

The distance Olympos-Chimera-Ulupınar in jeeps from Kemer is not too long, so the walk does not seem tedious. Despite the extensiveness of the program, the cost of the Olympos-Chimera-Ulupınar tour by jeep from Kemer is rather low.

Olympos-Chimera-Ulupınar in jeeps from Kemer Frequently Asked Questions

  • Children from 7 years old accompanied by their parents can go on an amazing excursion Olympos-Chimera-Ulupynar by jeeps from Kemer to the key attractions of the region. Information may change, check with the manager.
  • The Olympos-Chimera-Ulupynar Tour from Kemer gets its name from the places that make up this spectacular itinerary. So, our guests will visit Olympos - the purest of all the wild beaches of the country, Chimera - a magnificent mountain that contains tongues of unbridled flame, and Ulupynar - an authentic small village right at the foot of a giant mountain.
  • It is best to go on the road on the Olympos-Chimera-Ulupynar excursion by jeeps from Kemer from late May to early September, because the temperature during these months will be the most comfortable for such wanderings.
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