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Kemer boat tour

Kemer boat tour

Kemer boat tour will leave a pleasant mark, and the picturesque paintings will still emerge in your memory for a long time. Swimming, diving, entertainment, foam show in the moonlight bay

Kemer boat tour price list

Age Range tour Price
 1 Adult 19
 1 Children (6-11) 14
 1 Infants (0-5) 0

Turkish Riviera,dive and swim,beautiful music,Olympus,Paradise Bay,Kemer boat tour

Kemer boat tour What you have to know

Tour days Every day
Tour hours 10:00 - 16:00
Includes transfer, insurance, English-speaking guides, lunch, animation on boat
Excludes drinks, entrance to ancient city Phaselis
Recommended hat, sunglasses, swimsuits, towel, sunblock cream

Kemer boat tour Tour schedule

  • transfer of tourists from hotels in comfortable air-conditioned minibuses

  • start boat tour from the port Marina in Kemer

  • stop in the picturesque bay Phaselis for swimming and rest - 1 hour

  • lunch: national dishes of Turkish cuisine

  • animation show on boat from English-speaking animators: foam disco, modern music, exciting games

  • stop at Paradise Bay: the cleanest bay in the region with unusual color water and the confluence of two waters - 1 hour

  • stop in the Kirish Aquarium bay: rest and swimming in the open sea

  • return to the port Marina in Kemer

  • transfer to hotels in comfortable air-conditioned minibuses

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Kemer boat tour specification


Boat tour in Kemer by sea is a bright, unforgettable excursion from Kemer along the picturesque Mediterranean coast. This is an exciting adventure in the waters of the Turkish Riviera, the opportunity to dive and swim, enjoy the views of the fabulous picturesque bays. Fresh, sea air, passing by rocks and cliffs, bays, grottoes, and beaches delight and leave an indelible impression.

Dear guests, during the Kemer trips, our company has taken all the necessary precautions due to the Coronavirus such as The capacity of the planes is half of the previous years, and all the work is done to take care of the esteemed tourists.

The boat tour in Kemer from the port of Marina begins along with a standard, carefully thought-out route. During the day, you can not only enjoy beautiful music, pleasant communication, and delicious food but also get acquainted with some of the most important sights stretching along the coast - the ruins of the ancient cities of Phaselis and Olympus, wander around the beaches and the city of Phaselis, swim in the bay.

Even if you do not treat connoisseurs of historical landmarks and monuments, you will not be disappointed. Diving in the clear, azure waters of Paradise Bay is worth a lot and hardly anyone will refuse this temptation. The distance from Kemer to Paradise Bay is only six kilometers. Here the spurs of the Taurus range come up close to the shore, which, in combination with the waters of the sea and the green slopes of the mountains, is an amazing sight.

Program Boat Tour in Kemer, the price of which is quite adequate, is provided for:

  • departure from the port of Marina;
  • Phaselis Bay
  • A visit to a clean, sandy beach, for those who wish to walk around Phaselis;
  • dinner, which includes: pasta, rice dish, salad, french fries, chicken meat;
  • departure to “Paradise Bay”;
  • swimming, diving, entertainment, foam show in the Moonlight Bay;
  • arrival at the port

Our animation team has prepared for you a new entertainment program with competitions and dances, so we are waiting for you on an exciting sea voyage this year.

All the time, a boat trip to Kemer with you will be a professional English guide. Using the services of our company, you will get a unique opportunity to relax inexpensively, to see and learn many new and interesting things from the past life of this amazing country and its inhabitants, to get acquainted with nature and landscape.

Interesting to know about Boat Tour in Kemer:

  • Fact-1: During the voyage on pirate ships, strict discipline and dry law were observed. There are myths that pirates liked to drink, but they did it only at stops on land.
  • Fact-2: Many poor pirates pierced their ears and inserted a precious earring, and all in order to ensure that in the event of his death, the earring served as a monetary contribution for the burial.
  • Fact-3: The image of the skull and bones on a black background is not a pirate flag at all. This attribute informed other passing ships that there was an epidemic of the deadly disease on board. The pirates, in turn, hung this flag to exclude unnecessary checks by military courts.

We recommend taking with you comfortable shoes and clothes, a hat, a towel, sunscreen and glasses, a swimsuit. All guests of our city to the yacht tour, we recommend visiting the Hamam in Kemer for a uniform tan. You can arrange a video/photo session, so the camera is a must. This walk will leave a pleasant trail, and the picturesque paintings will come to your memory for a long time.

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Kemer boat tour Frequently Asked Questions

  • It is better to go on a magnificent boat trip in Kemer on days when there will be no signs of storm and rain, and the sea will be in a relatively calm state.

The cost of such boat tour in Kemer usually does not exceed 13€ for one adult, but for children from 7 to 12 years old there is a discount - up to 8€. It is worth noting that for kids under 7 years old, this trip will cost free, accompanied by one of the parents. The cost may vary depending on the season.


One of the most popular names for the stylized tourist ship where the costumed performances take place is Mega Star, the Pirate ship in Kemer.

A standard pleasure boat in Kemer can carry up to 100 people, but most often there are no more than 70 visitors on board. Due to the situation with the coronavirus, at the moment, smaller groups of travelers are being created both on yachts and in other tourist destinations.

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