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Beldibi tours and activities

Beldibi excursions, things to do


What we need to know : Beldibi is the Kemer neighborhood. Despite this, the region has already become famous in the world due to its beauty and cleanliness of beaches.
Famous accommodation places : Rixos Sungate, Club Salima, Cristal Flora Beach Resort, Champion Holiday Village, Nirvana Lagoon Villas Suites & Spa, Grand Park Kemer Hotel, Club Belpinar, Club Hotel Rama, Akka Antedon Hotel- Kids Concept, Rixos Beldibi, Paloma Foresta Resort, Seagull Hotel.
How far from the center of Antalya : 25 km
Registered population living all year : 9718 people
Famous place to swim : All the urban and wild beaches of Beldibi
Shopping malls : There are no shopping complexes as such, there is an alley in several miles above the road, where you can buy souvenirs, textiles and sweets.

Beldibi tours and excursions is a resort town with mysterious locations located between Kemer and Antalya along the Mediterranean coast off the slopes of the Taurus Mountains. The small town is divided into three zones: the first and second zones are the historical and central part with diverse hotels, the third is luxury hotels, equipped with huge pools and entertainment centers for all ages of children and adults.
The beaches here and there are covered with large pebbles, mostly sandy. The natural sights are very diverse. The mosque in the heart of the town is built according to ancient Oriental traditions, which can be seen from almost all corners of different hotels. The most famous cave, with preserved images painted over millennia, is named after this town. It attracts a lot of fans of history and tourism. Not far from this place a natural attraction - a picturesque waterfall. You will enjoy a variety of beautiful landscapes, getting a comfortable holiday.

Beldibi is a beautiful resort village with a convenient location and decent hotels. Still, except for the Mosque and the Wild Beach, there is not much to see! That's why visiting excursions from Beldibi were designed to dilute any holiday and make it much more interesting. Here is a list of the excursions that we advise you to go to:

  • Pamukkale is a magical place unique in its unusual landscape.
  • Demre-Myra-Kekova - beautiful places, mountain serpentine, where you will be told the story of the life of St. Nicholas-Miracle.

Trips that take place in Antalya, such as:

  • Aquarium (different species of fish and marine animals, so interesting will be for children).
  • Visit Dolphinarium - marine artists will captivate you and your children and show acrobatic numbers and even dances.