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Camyuva tours and excursions

Camyuva Excursions, Things To Do


What we need to know : The Kemer Çamyuva region was a small village at the time. In 1980, a law was passed to support tourism. After this law, the village became a famous resort of the Mediterranean Sea.
Famous accommodation places : Fantasia Hotel, L’Oceanica hotel, Kilikya Resort Camyuva, Hotel & Resort Queen's Park Le Jardin, Hotel PGS, Kiris Resort Havana Hotel, Robinson Club Camyuva, Simena Sun Club, Club Marco Polo
How far from the center of Antalya : 51 km
Registered population living all year : 3981 people
Famous place to swim : Çamyuva Beach
Shopping malls : market, Migros store and A101.

Camyuva tours and excursions - Camyuva is a neat village located in the south 10 km from Kemer, separating the River Aqua from the village of Kirish, and on the other hand, separated by the legendary ruins of the ancient city of Fazelis. The village is also called a pine nest because it drowns in the forests of the Taurus mountain system. The Çamyuva stretches along the Mediterranean by sandy and pebble beaches.
The most important attraction is the mosque and Paradise Bay, illuminated in the dark as a sea illumination, and in the daytime as a beach. A secluded quiet place for lovers of quiet rest, and for those who want to diversify their quiet harbor offer a lot of excursions from Çamyuva, from where you can get to any corner of Turkey. With reserve Tours In Camyuva Seeing and feeling a centuries-old diverse history and poisoned on a trip on a pirate yacht by sea, try water entertainment, do shopping. The local colorful bazaar works on Wednesdays, you will learn and try different types of spices and vegetables, fruits.

The range of excursions in Çamyuva is quite large and no worse than in other resort villages of Kemer! There are those tours that still bypass other villages of Kemer, or are closed. The quad Safari tour offers powerful quad bikes and a good track. The next program of Tours In Çamyuva at our discretion is the Pirate Yacht, such a tour is convenient because we make a stop at the end of the walk at the pier of the resort of Çamyuva, where you can go ashore without wasting any time. Close to this village is Mount Tahtala, with its beautiful scenic views and cable car. You can even fly with a paraglider from Mount Tahtala for a fee. Next is the village of Ulupynar, where you will be offered a picnic tour and Fishing Ulupunar. Here you fish and try real Turkish cuisine or just caught, cooked catch. This is not the whole list of trips in Çamyuva, go to our website, or contact our manager, who will be happy to answer all the questions.